UVCC prepares for upcoming school year

Staff report

PIQUA — Personnel items for the 2016-17 school year were approved during the Upper Valley Career Center Board of Education meeting Monday, June 27.

Jennelle Winn was hired as a career tech instructor for the health informational management technologies program. She will be paid $42,268.

A one-year limited contract was awarded to Mark Lester, maintenance, special projects I. Anita Segreti was awarded the Camp Excel instructor contract.

Extended non-contract hour supplemental contracts were given to Kreg McCullough, ag instructor, Newton satellite, 40 hours program set-up; and Winn, 40 hours program set up. Both supplementals are through Aug. 15, 2016.

The board approved administrator supplemental contracts, extended non-contract hours for Michelle Brunson, CASE Institute, 70 hours; and Roger Voisard, oversite of Markerspace implementation, 70 hours.

The board also approved various certified and classified substitutes to be used on an as-needed basis. Supplemental contracts for the year were also approved.

High school certified supplemental contracts for extended hours were also awarded to numerous teachers.

Classified supplemental contracts for extended non-contract hours were approved for Trapp, 175 hours, and Katheryn Voris, public relations coordinator, 210 hours.

Amber Banning, food service, was awarded a classified supplemental contract for $2,750.

Supplemental contracts for recovery credit instructors/tutors were awarded to Mary Ellen Buechter, Melissa Clark, Terry Ervin, Megan Flanagan, Gina Griesdorn, Beverly Holthaus, Sarah Joyce, Deborah Jung, Rebecca Kleinhenz, Keri Lovelace, Donna Monnier, Tedford White and Tamberlyn Yahle.

The board approved LPDC committee stipends to Danielle Barhorst, $350; and Terry Ervin, Jason Haak, Matthew Meyer and Scott Naill, $300 each.

A certified employee stipend of $1,200 was given to James Weaver, parking lot monitor. Classified stipends were given to Greg Anderson, parking lot monitor, $1,200; Heidi Heuing, coordination of Jump Start, $300; and Kascy Lewber, evening training and supervision, $1,500.

High school club adviser stipends were also approved by the board, as were Opportunity Knocks Camp stipends.

For the adult education program, contracts were given to Vickie Ashman, LPN instructor, $53,000; Naomi Baker, enrollment specialist, $49,000; Logan Billing, financial aid specialist, $52,000; Hazel Holmes, LPN instructor, $55,000; Lori Ludwig, health science director, $64,000; Terry McMenamin, student, alumni and assessment coordinator, $54,000; Brandi Olberding, WD industrial instructor/coordinator/supervisor, $53,000; and Paula Strebig, LPN instructor, $53,000.

The board also approved intermittent/hourly staff contracts in the adult education division.

The board accepted the resignations of Scott Cromes, bus driver; Karen Husa, academic instructor; Joe Karafit, paraprofessional; and Jennell Winn, paraprofessional.

In other business, the board:

• Learned from board president Maria Brewer that she had attended the Skills USA National Leadership and Skills Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, with several students.

• Learned from Jason Haak, executive director, that Camp Exel had 100 campers attending the event.

• Learned the sanitary sewer line project has been completed on time and within budget.

• Was updated on the one-to-one laptop program and Makerspace Lab computer purchases for the 2016-17 school year.

• Approved temporary appropriations as presented.

• Approved final appropriation resolution and certificate of estimated resources. The treasurer was authorized to make appropriation amendments and certificate of estimated resources needed to close FY 2016.

• Authorized the treasurer to make fiscal year end transfers and advances for FY 2016.

• Approved resident education tuition reimbursement for Taylor Adami in the amount of $2,607.

• Approved the following purchase orders:

— Buckeye Educational Systems, 3D printers, mini milling machining, CNC router, laser engraver, vinyl printer/cutter and 3D scanner for the new Makerspace lab area, $70,036.95

— Haas Factory Outlet, toolroom mill and accessories, $39,980.50.

— Torchmate, Torchmate cutting system, $17,217.78.

— CDW-G, furnishings for the Makerspace lab area not to exceed $25,000.

— Dell, 26 desktop computers and monitors for the Makerspace lab area, $26,262.86.

— PCM-G, 475 laptop computers at $475 each for incoming junior students, one-to-one laptop program, $225,625.

— Koenig Equipment, John Deere 4044M compact utility tractor, John Deere D170 loader and MX6 lift type rotary cutter for the environmental occupations program, not to exceed $21,000.

— Continental Office Environments, furnishings for the digital design and print technologies program, $19,078.89.

• Accepted various donations.

• Approved out-of-district learning experience/out-of-state travel for:

— Dr. Barb Wagner, Adult Division director, and Naomi Baker, Adult Division enrollment specialist, to travel to the 2016 ACCSC Professional Development Conference, Sept. 22-23, in San Diego, California. Total cost to the district for lodging, travel, meals and miscellaneous expenses not to exceed $2,800. Grant funds will cover the costs.

— Tony Trapp, apprenticeship coordinator, to attend the 2016 Skills USA National Summer Leadership Conference in Louisville, Ky., from June 20-25, 2016.

— Haak and Trapp to attend the Visions Conference in Las Vegas, Nev., Nov. 30 to Dec. 3. They will be presenting a session on the apprenticeship model. Total costs not to exceed $2,800 and grant funds will cover the costs.

— Brent Snell, manufacturing and machining instructor, Trapp and Roger Voisard, instructional supervisor, to attend the International Manufacturing Show in Chicago, Illinois, Sept. 14-16. Total costs not to exceed $1,800 and grant funds will cover most of the costs.

• Approved textbooks for the 2016-17 school year.

• Approved lunchroom prices for the 2016-17 school year. Breakfast will cost $1.25, which is the same as last year; type A lunch, $2.70, a 10 cent increase; and box lunch, $3.10, a 10 cent increase.

• Approved a three-year term from June 30, 2016, through 2018 with Plattenburg Certified Public Accountants for preparation of GAAP statements.

• Approved volunteers for the 2016-17 school year.

• Modified the contracts for Vanessa Kinninger, payroll clerk, Doreen Rose, accounts payable clerk, Denis March, benefits assistant, and Kelly Hobert, executive assistant to the superintendent.

The board’s next meeting will be held Monday, July 25, at 6 p.m. in the Adams Board Room in the main instructional building.

Staff report