Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Oct. 25

SEX OFFENDER: A deputy attempted to verify an address at 580 Staunton Commons, Troy. After knocking on the door with no response, the deputy looked through the window and saw the apartment was empty.

ABANDONED VEHICLE: A deputy was requested to respond to 7980 E. SR. 41 in reference to an abandoned vehicle. Upon speaking with the reporting party, Jerry Stapleton, he explained his old neighbor, Joseph Hill, left a vehicle on his property for the last two years. Mr. Stapleton further explained he has made numerous attempts to get in contact with Mr. Hill with no success. The deputy provided dispatch with the license plate and requested they try to make contact as well. Dispatch was unable to make contact. The deputy requested the next available tow to respond, which was Randy’s Towing.

ABANDONED VEHICLE: A deputy responded to the 4000 block of E. SR. 36 in reference to an abandoned vehicle. Homeowner informed the deputy it was parked in front of their barn door yesterday morning by an unknown male. A note was left on it by a Jerry Davidson with a phone number. The note said he would be back either last night or this morning to pick it up. It has been well over twenty four hours and the truck is still parked on the property. The truck is also in the way of entering and exiting the barn, homeowner is afraid they may back into it.

The note had the name Jerry Davidson on it however the truck is registered to a Douglas Murphy. The deputy had dispatch attempt to get in contact with the registered owner and Mr. Davidson. Dispatch was unsuccessful in making contact with either of them. The homeowner wanted the vehicle towed from their property. The deputy requested dispatch contact the next available tow on the list. Lumpkins responded to the request.

WARRANT: A deputy met with a Shelby County Sheriffs Office deputy in regard to a subject they had arrested on a Miami County warrant. The subject was turned over, transported to the downtown jail and incarcerated. The warrant was for failure to report an address change as a registered sex offender.

Oct. 26

FRAUD: A deputy responded to the 400 block of E. Peterson Road, Staunton Twp., in reference to a fraud complaint. The reporting party stated that she had purchased football tickets from a fake Ticketmaster website with eBay gift cards. She needed this incident documented to move forward with eBay and Craigslist fraud departments to get her money back

Oct. 27

THEFT: A deputy responded to a theft complaint in the 3000 block of E. Peterson Road, Troy.