Police reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Nov. 29

FRAUD: A Bradford resident reported that he received a bill from the Piqua Fire Department for EMS services rendered to him that he did not use. He further reported the bill said that he was transported to the Upper Valley Medical Center on June 29. The resident said he was not taken to the hospital by them at this time and someone apparently used his personal information without him knowing it. The total cost of the services was $1,026.47. This matter is pending further investigation.

Nov. 30

SCHOOL INCIDENT: SRO Karn was informed of a student being harassed at school and on social media by Newton Local School officials.

FOUND PROPERTY: A resident came into the station to turn over credit cards she found in her vehicle. She just purchased the used vehicle a few months ago, and found the cards in a storage pocket behind the passenger seat. The owner of the cards could not be contacted, and the cards were entered into our property room.

FRAUD: An employee of the Buckeye Barn in Springcreek Twp. reported his business credit card was used to make a purchase online without his permission.

COUNTERFEIT CASH: An employee of the Dollar General Store in Pleasant Hill reported that an unknown male attempted to use counterfeit money at his store. The store did not acquire any loss as a result of this attempt.

After taking a counterfeit US currency call at the Pleasant Hill Dollar General store, it was reported that the same individual had successfully used a counterfeit bill at the near by Marathon Gas Station. The deputy was advised that an unknown male matching the description in the above mentioned case had used a counterfeit $100 bill at the store. The male purchased a pack of Newport cigarettes and was given change for a $100 bill. The man then left the store without incident.

Shortly after this is when their store was contacted by the employee at the Dollar General store to warn them of the male with counterfeit money. A receipt of the involved transaction and the counterfeit bill was obtained and will be placed in an evidence locker at the Miami County Sheriff’s Office. This matter is pending further investigation at this time.

Dec. 1

ASSIST CITIZEN: A deputy received a dispatch to call a Nurse Scott from Blairsville County Hospital, Blairsville, Ga., concerning a Tipp City resident, an elderly male from Miami County, was found in his vehicle along the side of a state route. Apparently, the male was found in a confused state, but doing well in the hospital.

The deputy went to male’s residence and made contact with his wife. The wife explained her husband had left on an unplanned trip with some new acquaintances. The wife said she was struggling with her memory, but thought he left a couple of days ago. She didn’t know the names of anyone he may have left with. She mentioned that their daughter lives in Raleigh, N.C., which is four hours from Blairsville, Ga. The deputy called the daughter and left a message informing her of her father’s situation. The deputy gave her the phone numbers for the hospital and the local sheriff’s office who was in possession of her father’s car. The wife stated that she will follow up with her daughter to make arrangements for husband’s return home.

Dec. 5

OVERDOSE: Deputies responded to the 6900 block of Marjean Drive, Monroe Twp., on a possible drug overdose.

Dec. 6

WARRANT: While patrolling the Royal Inn Motel in Concord Township, Troy, a deputy located a suspicious vehicle. After investigation, one female was arrested on a warrant while in possession of heroin and drug abuse instruments. One male was cited for possession of methamphetamine and marijuana.

K9 DETAIL: K9 Bear conducted a drug sniff at Miami Valley CTC and a drug sniff on a vehicle at Troy Police Department.

BIKE FOUND: An orange and red mountain bike was found on a property in the 5000 block of Wheelock Road, Union Twp.

FRAUD: A fraud report $327 on a CommCast account was reported in Tipp City.

THEFT: A report of theft of $250 missing from a truck in the 7000 block of Kessler Frederick Road, Monroe Twp. was taken.

Dec. 7

THEFT: A deputy responded out to the 8000 block N. State Route 721, Newberry Twp., in regards to a theft of mail. The victim advised that money had been taken out of Christmas Cards in her mailbox. There are no suspects at this time.

FRAUD: A resident in the 500 block of Cottonwood Court, Concord Twp., called to report that she was notified today by Synchrony Financial that there was a Amazon credit card taken out in her name. They advised her the person responsible for this had her correct address, telephone number and social security number. The resident stated Synchrony was opening up a fraud investigation and suggested she notify her local law enforcement.

FRAUD: A Troy resident called to report fraudulent activity on her bank account. Over the last couple days there have been four transactions on her account she did not know about or authorize. All the transactions were listed as online payments, and were for $350, $2500, $2500 and $2900. The resident’s bank closed her account and are moving her funds to a new one. They are also working on getting her missing funds back to her and investigating this incident on their end. They requested she file a report through the sheriff’s office as well.

THEFT: Money was stolen out of vehicles in the 3900 block of Neal Pearson Road, Monroe Twp.

THEFT: Deputies responded to the 2000 block of West State Route 571, Tipp City, in reference to a burglary complaint. Electronics, cash, and other items had been taken from the residence.