Police reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff Office:

May 22

ASSAULT: Deputies responded to the 8000 block of State Route 571, Union Twp., for a report of two males shooting at each other. It was later found the two males, Matthew Naff and Eric Brown, were shooting at a male that was at the residence to speak to Lisa Naff to repossess a vehicle. Both Matthew Naff and Eric Brown were charged with felonious assault.

SCHOOL INCIDENT: A deputy was dispatched to Bethel High School on a disturbance involving an upset parent in the office. The parent was gone upon arrival. Staff asked for a report to document the incident.

DISTURBANCE: A deputy responded to a residence in the 9000 block of W. State Route 36, Covington, in reference to a verbal altercation. The deputy spoke with the home owner who stated the tree trimming service contracted by DP&L was cutting the trees more than they needed to. He went out and spoke with one of the employees about the matter. The employee stated they had rules on how far the tree needed cut back. The resident said the tree trimming employee got an attitude with him so he advised him to stop cutting the trees or he would get a bat.

The deputy spoke with the DP&L employee about the incident and his story was consistent with the homeowner’s but the employee stated the homeowner came out to speak with him already angry. The employee said the homeowner never retrieved a bat not did he see any weapons.

The homeowner was advised to keep his distance from the tree service so they could finish their job. He was advised if he did not like how they cut the trees, to call DP&L and file a complaint with them.

SCHOOL INCIDENT: The School Resource Officer was contacted by the Milton-Union High School principal in reference to a student with alcohol. Two students were charged with underage possession and suspended from school.

TRAFFIC CRASH: A deputy responded to an injury accident at the intersection of Wilson Road and Fenner Road in Concord Township, Miami County. Drivers of both vehicles, along with a passenger and two children in the at-fault vehicle were transported to Upper Valley Medical Center for minor injuries. The driver of the at-fault vehicle was cited for failure to yield and no operator’s license.

AUTO THEFT: A deputy responded to a hit skip motor vehicle crash in the area of N. Miami Avenue and School Street, Bradford. The driver was seen walking away from the crash. Driver was located and detained. Driver was eventually arrested for OVI, Theft of a motor vehicle, No operator’s license and failure to control. The driver was incarcerated for the theft of the vehicle from the 100 block of Keller Street, Bradford.

May 23

LITTERING: The reporting party in the 8000 block of State Route 41, Troy, turned over a small bag of trash he found in his ditch at the listed address. There was a prescription bag inside it with the name printed on it. The other listed items were also found in the bag.

TRAFFIC CRASH: A deputy responded to an injury accident at the intersection of Eldean and Washington Road in Concord Township Miami County. A male driver heading west on Eldean failed to yield at the stop sign and was struck by an SUV heading South on Washington Road. All involved parties were treated and released on scene by Troy Medics. The at-fault driver was issued a citation for failure to yield.

CANDY THEFT: A deputy was dispatched to Rich’s Gas Station in Bradford in regards to a theft complaint. The deputy made contact with the juvenile and the mother of whom stole the candy from the Gas Station. They were able to return to Rich’s and pay for the stolen merchandise. The juvenile was warned for theft.

May 24

DAMAGE: An unknown person reported the front window of the K Mart building in Piqua was broke. The deputy observed a large hole in the front window of the building. There was a large cement block inside that was apparently used to cause the damage. It did not appear that any entry was made into the building as a result of this incident. There are no leads or suspects at this time.

CELL PHONE FOUND: A resident in the 3000 block of State Route 55, Casstown, found the listed cell phone in his yard while he was mowing. He collected the cell phone and brought it to the office. He had no idea who the phone belonged to or how it ended up in his yard. A deputy attempted to turn on the cell phone but it would not power up. The cell phone was entered into property.

KEYS GONE: A resident in the 100 block of Court Street, Pleasant Hill, called to report an unknown person (s) stole the keys from her Grand Am last night. She stated the vehicle was unlocked and the keys were left in it. Nothing else was taken except the keys. Also according to the resident, they stole about $10 worth of gas from his Durango last night. He stated when he went to leave this morning his low fuel light was on and it wasn’t on when he parked it yesterday.

ASSIST RESIDENT: A deputy responded to a welfare check in the area of West US Route 36 near Covington. A complainant called to advise a male laying in the field off 36 just East of Covington. At the conclusion of the call, the male was transported to his home on Stillwell Road in Miami County.

May 25

THEFT: A Troy resident reported someone had fraudulently used his information to purchase $407.78 worth of merchandise through Sprint. The transaction was completed online.

CANOE GONE: A resident in the 4000 block of West Charleston Road, Tipp City, reported that his canoe was stolen sometime yesterday or last night. He stated it was laying next to a fuel oil tank at the back of his property near the cemetery. He stated a tree trimming company was in the cemetery yesterday cutting down a tree and believes it may have been one of the workers who took it.

ALARM CHECK: A deputy responded to the 2800 block of Gearhart Road, Troy, on an alarm call. The deputy arrived on scene and found the garage door on the west side of the garage partially open. The deputy found a golf cart with the key in the on position and lights on. It was parked by the door that was partially open. There was a Dewalt radio/charger by the side entry door sitting on the floor. Case pending.

BREAKING AND ENTERING: A resident in the 9000 block of Palmer Road, New Carlisle, called 911 to report a breaking and entering.