Police reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

May 5

SCHOOL INCIDENT: A theft from the girls’ locker room at Newton High School was reported.

DRUG POSSESSION: A deputy conducted a traffic stop on the listed vehicle for a speed violation. The deputy identified the driver as, Austin Bradley. Marijuana and drug paraphernalia was later located in the glove box of the vehicle. Bradley was cited for speed, possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

UNDERAGE: An officer responded to the 200 block of Ginghamsburg-Frederick Road, Tipp City, in reference to an unknown male subject in the residence. Once on scene the unknown male subject was determined to be a highly intoxicated 19 year old. At the conclusion the male subject was charged with underage consumption and released to his parents.

May 6

SUSPICIOUS: A deputy responded to the 8400 block of Heilman Drive, New Carlisle, on a suspicious priority. The deputy spoke to the homeowner who stated that his son saw a person going through his truck this morning. He stated that when he came out of the home the man was gone. He was missing a few small items out of his truck. There are no suspects at this time.

TRESPASSING: A Pleasant Hill resident reported that he discovered that there were people inside his listed camper without his permission. The camper was parked behind the building at 200 North Main St., Pleasant Hill. He advised that he was in the camper a week and a half ago. He also said that he did lock both locks on the door at that time. The door was found unlocked on this date by him with items moved around inside. There was also a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage inside. There were no signs of forced entry on the camper. There were no suspects at this time. The owner requested that the incident just be documented at this time.

FAKE $20: A deputy responded to a fraud complaint in the 1000 block of Pheasant Point Court in Concord Township. The complainant advised of having a two day garage sale, during which she received a $20 bill that looked like it may have been counterfeit. The complainant advised she would check with her bank regarding the suspicious $20 bill and contact the sheriff’s office should it turn out to be counterfeit.

May 8

THEFT: A theft from Four Star Tool Rental was reported.

May 9

SUSPICIOUS: A resident in the 6400 block of Wheelock Road, West Milton, reported a screen was removed from the garage was removed and pry marks were on the wooden framed. No entry was made.

FRAUD: A fraud complaint was made by a resident in the 7000 block of Peters Road, Tipp City.

INMATE ISSUE: A deputy was assigned to Judge Christopher Gee’s courtroom for a change of plea/sentencing hearing involving Daniel Padgett. After his sentencing he was remanded to the custody of the sheriff’s office for incarceration. His attorney, Bob Huffman, requested an opportunity to speak with Padgett briefly in the secure hallway prior to Padgett being turned over to the jail. Padgett requested that all his property go to his attorney. Huffman asked for Padgett’s car keys. The deputy observed Padgett reach around to his front and pull out what appeared to be a small bottle of liquid and put it in the pocket of the coat that his attorney was holding. The deputy stepped to Padgett and ordered him to keep his hands out of his pants. The deputy retrieved the suspicious bottle and saw that it contained a yellowish liquid with a hand warmer attached to the bottle with a rubber band. Padgett said that the bottle contained clean urine. It appears Padgett had planned to use the urine for any upcoming drug screen. The deputy informed Judge Gee of the findings and he instructed pre-trial services take possession of the urine.

May 10

FRAUD: A resident of Swailes Road reported checks were missing and found they were cashed at a local business by two individuals. Case pending.

OVI: A deputy initiated a traffic stop on the listed vehicle for expired registration. After further investigation the driver was cited for driving under OVI suspension.

May 11

FRAUD: A Concord Twp. resident reported his Fifth Third bank account was used to make and cash fake checks.

FRAUD: A Monroe Twp. resident advised her credit card information had been taken and used at several locations in Cincinnati. The complainant had the account closed and a new card issued. She was issued a case number for her records.

FRAUD: An Elizabeth Twp. resident advised a credit card and checking account had been opened using her information. Documentation was requested for the purpose of further addressing the issue with the bank.

May 12

WARRANT: Deputies responded to the 700 block of S. Crawford Street, Troy, in reference to an active felony warrant on Brian Fergerson for failing to register a new address due to being a registered sex offender in Miami County. Upon arrival contact was made with Brian on the front porch. His information was ran through LEADS and Miami County Dispatch confirmed the warrant. Deputies transported Brian to the Miami County Jail where he was turned over to the corrections department.

TRESPASSING: A resident in the 2000 block of Merrimont Drive reported trespassing on the property. Extra checks were requested.

SIGNS MISSING: Miami County Highway Department supervisor William Blankenship reported that he

discovered six street signs stolen from the below listed locations on 5/10/2017. The signs were stolen sometime prior to his discovery, unknown for sure date. The six signs had a total value of $108.00. The signs were stolen from the following roads: Lostcreek-Shelby Road, Casstown-Sidney Road, Casstown-Fletcher Road, Snodgrass Road

The Miami East School District was notified of the thefts should the school staff learn anything from the students.

There was a similar rash of street sign thefts in the same general area in 2014. There are currently no leads or suspects.

FRAUD: A deputy spoke with the victim, in reference, to a fraud complaint. The victim explained her “grandson” called her yesterday and told her he was involved in an accident with injury and he was currently in jail for an OVI. He told her if he was able to come up with $3,000 they would reduce his charges. He asked her to get Walmart gift cards. She went to Walmart and purchased 8 gift cards totaling $3,000 and gave him the card information over the phone.

He called back the following day requesting $3,000 more to pay for his medical bills. The victim became suspicious and asked him for his birth date. He then hung up. The victim called out to California to speak with her grandson to find out he was OK. The victim checked with Walmart who told her the money was removed from the gift cards and they were unable to find out who took the money.

OVI: A deputy was dispatched to the Sunoco station in Pleasant Hill on a report of a reckless operation. The deputy was able to locate the vehicle and observe several traffic violations and initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle. After investigation the registered owner was arrested for OVI, Reckless Operation, Lanes of Travel, and Seatbelt.

May 13

JUVENILE ISSUE: A deputy responded to the area of East Smithfield Road, Bradford, in reference to juveniles physically fighting. They were advised to leave the area.

OVI: A deputy responded to a motorcycle crash at N. Lostcreek Shelby Road and Troy Urbana Road, Casstown. Upon arrival driver was believed to be under the influence. Driver was given field sobriety tests on scene and arrested. Driver submitted to a breath test. Driver was cited for OVI and Failure to control and was given a ride back to his residence and turned over to a sober person.