Troy Police Department reports

Information provided by Troy Police Department:

June 17

OVERDOSE: An officer was dispatched to 914 W. Water Street, Troy, in reference to a male who was passed out on the kitchen floor and not responding. The officer recognized the male as being William Sparks Jr. and as the medics were working on him, another male approached on the porch. He showed a business card belonging to Det. Sloan and stated that he had just spoken to him and had been assaulted. Jesse D. Hartman stated that he found Sparks passed out on the floor when he entered the house and was not there to see what had happened. I informed the TFD what I knew about Sparks and they then treated him with Narcan. Sparks began to wake up but could not answer any questions and still appeared to be under the influence.

Det. Sloan arrived on scene and the officer learned that he was still working an overdose at that address that had occurred early in the morning. The house had been secured after that investigation and upon looking at the front door and door frame it appears that Sparks had forced his way into the house. A small metal pill container was located on the counter adjacent to where Sparks was found. Upon opening the pill case we found an off-white powder residue inside. Det. Sloan then took photographs of the door frame and pill case and it was taken as evidence.

The homeowner arrived at the scene and then discussed Sparks being at the house. The homeowner stated that he did not have permission to be there nor did he reside there. Brenda then completed a written statement concerning events in question.

William Sparks Jr. will be charged with burglary, drug abuse instruments, drug possession, and drug paraphernalia. Charges will be forwarded to the Miami County Municipal Court.

WELFARE CHECK: At E Canal Street/S Market Street an officer came in contact with Jason N. Griggs reference a welfare check.

As a result, Mr. Griggs was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance(two counts), possessing drug abuse instruments and OVI.

June 18

OVI: The suspect was observed passed out behind the wheel of the vehicle after a train had passed. The driver was found to be intoxicated and arrested for OVI. The driver was charged with OVI, OVI over .08 percent and Headlights required.

June 20

DUS: Cody Morgan had been driving the vehicle which registration had been suspended on May 11. The officer saw a male driving the vehicle and checked Cody’s information through LEADS. I found Cody had a suspended driver’s license for a drug offense. I then stopped the vehicle on County Road 25A at Dye Mill Road.

I identified the driver as Cody Morgan and advised him of the violation. Cody claimed he had driving privileges, but they were not with him. I asked where they were and he told me they were at the courthouse. I then asked Cody if there was anything in the vehicle that I should know about. He stated there was not, and granted consent to search the vehicle. A search was conducted but nothing was located in the vehicle.

Cody informed me the vehicle belonged to his aunt, Melissa Switzer, and he was just leaving her house to go home (in Englewood). He contacted his aunt and had her pick the vehicle up because he could not drive. I issued him a citation for DUS and had him park the vehicle in a parking lot so he was out of traffic.

WARRANTS FOR HEROIN: Troy Police responded to the Royal Inn looking for David Jordan and Christina Windsor who both had warrants out of Miami County. Both were located along with Melissa Gorby and Clarence Dalton who both had warrants out of Montgomery County. Clarence and David were also in and out of consciousness due to heroin use. All parties were arrested and the two males were taken to UVMC first for treatment.

UNSOLICITED HUG: At approximately 2:17 a.m. an officer was dispatched to McDonald’s in reference to a female who was attacked in the parking lot of Goodwill. Further investigation disclosed that an unknown male gave the female a hug while crossing paths on the sidewalk.