Troy Police Department reports

Information provided by the Troy Police Department:

June 1

WARRANT AND HEROIN: An officer observed one male and one female leaving the are of the Royal Inn on foot heading towards Wendy’s. The subjects appeared to be arguing. The officer made contact with both subjects in the parking lot of the Budget Inn. The female, Rachel Reed, 29, of Troy, found to have a warrant out of Shelby County. Reed was later arrested on the warrant. After arrest, heroin capsules and a hypodermic syringe was found in her purse. While checking a wallet inside the purse I found a baggy that had 15 clear capsules with the same substance inside it. The officer later field tested the substance and it tested positive for Heroin/opiates.

Rachel advised that she does not get her heroin from Troy and said that she gets rides from people and they take her to Dayton. Rachel advised that she gives them money for gas. Rachel advised that the male with her has given her rides before and he knows what she is going down to get. The officer asked Rachel how she gets her money and she advised she gets SSI. The officer asked Rachel how long she had been using and she said “Eight years.” Rachel advised that she uses about 12 to 13caps of heroin a day. Rachel advised that they had just gotten back when the officer stopped them. The officer asked Rachel how many caps she bought and she said, “Twenty.” Rachel advised that it cost her $100.00 for that many caps. Rachel had used three caps from that batch today.All those items were obtained as evidence and the needle was placed in a sharps container. She was incarcerated on her warrant, for drug abuse, and possession of drug abuse instruments.

June 2

OVI: An officer observed a black truck to be westbound on W. Water St and which had no visible headlights on. The vehicle struck a parked car in the 400 block and continued westbound. The truck was stopped and the driver was found to be intoxicated. The driver, Thomas Teron, 33, of Piqua, was arrested for OVI, cited and released.

June 3

DRUGS: An officer observed a black vehicle parked near the intersection of Staunton Commons Dr and Ohio Ave, and there were at least two people sitting in it. The officer saw the suspect vehicle turning around in a driveway. It then travelled westbound to the stop sign. Once stopped, the vehicle activated its turn signal for a left turn. The officer then initiated a traffic stop with the vehicle on Ohio Ave near Staunton Rd.

The officer identified the driver as Lindsey Reed, the front seat passenger as Michael Joyal, and the backseat passenger as Daniel Weaver.

Following questions, the officer asked for consent to search the vehicle, which Lindsey granted.

The officer located a syringe tucked just under the seat where Weaver was sitting and placed him under arrest at that point.During the rest of the search, the officer located a cigar wrapper bag with nine marijuana roaches inside. It was found in the back pocket of the passenger’s seat. The officer also located a glasses case with a q-tip and a spoon with some sort of residue on it. All three people denied any knowledge of the case and its contents, along with the bag of roaches.

Weaver acknowledged ownership of the syringe, but still denied any of the other property while questioned at the station. Weaver was advised he would be charged with Drug Abuse (F-5) and Drug Abuse Instruments (M-1).

HEROIN CHARGES: Driving in the area of 622 S. Union St. when an officer saw Christopher Daniels sitting outside. There are current drug abuse charges on Christopher. The officer was able to take Christopher into custody. The officer recovered two hypodermic syringes that he claimed as his. Christopher was incarcerated in the Miami County Jail on drug charges.

June 5

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: An officer came in contact with an intoxicated white male during the Strawberry Festival. The male refused to identify himself and was arrested for Disorderly conduct, Failure to Identify Himself and Resisting Arrest He was later identified as Curtis Fugazzi, 28, of Englewood.

June 6

FOUND PROPERTY: At the close of the 2016 Strawberry Festival the listed property was turned over the Police Department as found property. The property had been turned over to the information booths on the levee, downtown, or directly to the police tent.

Black cigarette case with open pack of cigarettes and lighter, five separate keys/sets, a stuffed toy rabbit wearing a police uniform, a reusable grocery bag with an open drink and a camera, pink children’s sunglasses, a black Sony case with two cables and a white notebook with multi-color butterfly design on outside, notes concerning bible studies. The items were secured in the property room.

June 7

ALCOHOL INCIDENT: Parents brought their child and her friend to the Troy PD because they were both intoxicated. One female was transported to UVMC for treatment. The officer later found out the male that had supplied the alcohol and was arrested and incarcerated.

June 8

MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT: An officer responded to a personal injury crash involving a motorcycle and vehicle. It was determined the vehicle was traveling west from Trojan Village Business Plaza, across S. Dorset Rd. to the east part of Trojan Village. The driver of the vehicle stated they did not see the motorcycle when driving across S. Dorset and pulled into the path of the motorcycle. The motorcyclist locked up the brakes on the bike, laid it down on the left side and slide.

THEFT: An officer was dispatched to Dollar General in reference to a shoplifting. Suspect was identified and charged with Theft.