Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information filed by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Nov. 28

ACCIDENT: A deputy responded to the 6500 block of U.S. Route 40 in Brandt in reference to a vehicle being driven into the residence. No charges are being filed at this time and the incident was documented for insurance purposes.

ROAD RAGE: A deputy was dispatched to the area of Fetters Road and State Route 185 in Newberry Twp. in reference to a disturbance. Upon further investigation, an unknown male pulled a gun on the reporting party in a road rage incident. This case is currently pending further information.

Nov. 29

THEFT: A deputy was approached by a resident in the 3000 block of West Shawnee Trail in Springcreek Twp. about a theft that occurred on Nov. 25.

Nov. 30

ASSIST CITIZEN: On the above listed date and time, a deputy responded to the listed address on an assist citizen. It was reported a possible assault and stolen vehicle had occurred the night prior. After further investigation, it was found these events had not occurred. One adult female was transported to Upper Valley Medical Center for a voluntary mental health examination.

THEFT: A theft was reported in the 4900 block of State Route 718 in Concord Twp.

ASSAULT: A deputy was dispatched to the downtown Miami County Jail on an assist squad. It was later found that an inmate identified as Deshon Doll assaulted a jail sergeant.

OVI: A deputy was dispatched to the 1000 block of Ginghamsburg Road, Monroe Twp., on an accident without injury. The driver of the vehicle was later arrested for OVI operating a vehicle while impaired.

Dec. 1

MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE: A resident in the 7300 block of Troy-Sidney Road, Piqua, reported an elderly female was dropped off at her home. The resident reported it was the third time she had been brought to the home which was owned by the elderly’s parents when they were living. The deputy observed that the elderly female was showing obvious signs of age related mental issues. The woman said a taxi dropped her off there that day. The deputy transported the woman to her residence in Piqua and attempted to contact the woman’s sister without success.

Dec. 2

FRAUD: A Concord Twp. resident report that she had bought an item off of Facebook and an additional $1,050 was removed from her account. Case pending.

JUVENILE ISSUE: The UVCC SRO responded to a classroom at the request of administration. A teacher handed the deputy a vape pen which a student had been caught using The student will be charged with drug paraphernalia and the school will handle their school discipline.

THEFT: A theft was reported in the 7200 block of Ross Road, Bethel Twp.

Dec. 3

ANIMAL ISSUE: A deputy was dispatched to a residence in the 3700 block of Ginghamsburg-Frederick Road, Monroe Twp. for an animal complaint. Susan Cottinghim was given a verbal warning for animals at-large. She also was advised she didn’t have shelter for horses in the pasture and needed to put one in place. The animal shelter was advised on the issue and the shelter’s deputy will be investigating.

TRESPASSING: A deputy responded to the 1200 block of Maple Street, Troy, for a suspicious vehicle, a black Volkswagen Jetta, parked in the driveway. The deputy observed a male subject asleep i n the driver’s seat. The subject was identified as Stephen Noble. After further investigation, Noble said he had been staying with friends and did not have a place to stay last night and was homeless. He was advised if he chose to sleep in his vehicle , he needed to do it on public property and was trespassed from the property.

Dec. 4

CIVIL ISSUE: A deputy responded to a residence in the 7400 block of Marlin Road, Newton Twp. The reporting party said 25 feet of their water shed had been damaged by a neighbor installing tile. They requested a report to document the issue.

STOLEN VEHICLE: A deputy was northbound on County Road 25-A on patrol. A male subject flagged the deputy down and advised there was a vehicle in the ditch line in the south east corner of Peterson Road and 25-A. The vehicle was later found to be stolen from Greenville.