Troy man sentenced for child abduction

Hiser receives jail credit after 2 mistrials

By Melanie Yingst -



MIAMI COUNTY — Miami County Common Pleas Court Judge Gee sentenced Charles Hiser, 37, of Troy, to serve 18 months in prison for a third-degree felony child abduction charge on Monday.

Hiser was credited with 426 days spent in jail from his arrest since Feb. 8, 2017. It was his first felony conviction. Hiser was convicted of misdemeanor gross sexual imposition in 2006 and was listed as a Tier I sex offender.

Miami County Assistant Prosecutor Janna Parker said it was a “disappointing day” for the state of Ohio due to two prior mistrials. Parker said she hoped the victim doesn’t let the defendant’s abuse “define her” and was confident the young girl will go on and do great things “in spite of the defendant and his actions.”

Judge Gee noted he received two letters from the victim, which the court considered prior to sentencing. Judge Gee also said he found the victim’s testimony in court credible in spite of the last jury trial’s stalemate with nine jurors in favor of conviction out of the 12.

Judge Gee said the victim was “a conqueror of her abuser” following her testimony to the court.

Judge Gee followed the joint recommendation for the sentencing. Hiser will be placed under three years of post-release control. His public defense lawyer Stephen King estimate he’ll be released in August due to time served. Prior to sentencing, public defense lawyer Steve Layman requested the court follow the joint recommendation as a “fair resolution” to the case.

The victim and other witnesses testified twice due to the first jury trial declared a mistrial due to a juror exposed to media reports and a second trial resulted in a hung jury. Hiser entered an Alford plea to a third-degree felony abduction charge in February.

Hiser entered the Alford plea, which is a guilty plea while asserting innocence, to a bill of information on the felony charge of abduction. As part of the plea agreement, the state dismissed the eight counts of felony rape charges. If he was found guilty of the original rape charges, Hiser faced life in prison.

Hiser made no comment prior to sentencing.

Hiser receives jail credit after 2 mistrials

By Melanie Yingst