Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

March 6

• CAR EGGED: A resident of East High Street in Plesant Hill reported that some time during the night her truck was egged by an unknown person. Upon arrival, the deputy observed eggs, cabbage and brussel sprouts on the vehicle and around her residence. Carr advised that this has been an ongoing issue and this is the first time she called 911 to report the problem. There were no suspects named in this incident. Carr requested extra checks in the area during the night time hours.

• While on patrol in the village of Pleasant Hill, a deputy observed eggs and a cabbage in the yard of a residence on West Monument Street. There were also broken eggs on the roadway by the house. The deputy talked with the residents about the suspicious activity and they were not able to name any suspects in the matter. This was the second report of this nature in Pleasant Hill on this date. This case is suspended at this time.

• DUMPING: A deputy spoke with a resident in reference to someone illegally dumping animal bedding and waste on his farm field on North Sayers Road, Troy. He advised he believes he knew where the suspects lived, and the deputy responded to the LeFevre Road address and observed several piles of corn cobs, animal bedding and waste dumped into the field across from the LeFevre address. The deputy was unable to make contact with anyone at the residence. At the side of the house was a wheel barrow full of animal feed and waste. A note was left for the property owner to contact the deputy and photographs were taken and this case is pending.

• TRAFFIC STOP: A deputy observed a white VW Passat traveling north on Peters Road in the area of Fairway Drive. The vehicle appeared to be travelling at a speed greater than the posted limit of 45. The vehicle appeared to be travelling at a speed greater than the posted limit of 45. The speed was estimated at 55 and locked in at 57 mph. The deputy advised the driver the reason for the stop and requested her license and insurance information. The driver, identified as Farah Holter, stated she was suspended and the car did not belong to her. Holter was cited for the speed, license violation and advised of her court date. The car was legally parked and she waited for a licensed driver.

• STUDENT ISSUE: A deputy was advised by the principal of Miami East High School, Todd Gentis, of three students not getting along and causing problems in school.

• LOST PROPERTY: A deputy patrolling Charleston Falls Park located a debit card in the parking lot. The debit card had a name, and the deputy attempted to look up an address, but was unsuccessful. The debit card was placed into the property room at the Miami County Sheriff’s Office.

• BURGLARY: A deputy was dispatched to a burglary that had occurred the night prior in the 4000 block of Kessler-Frederick Road in Union Township. The resident’s wanted to report a laptop that had been stolen from their residence. After further investigation, there was no sign of forced entry or any evidence to collect. This case is pending.

• CRIMINAL DAMAGE: A deputy responded to an attempted criminal damaging on Henry Street in the village of Pleasant Hill. Upon arrival, the deputy spoke with the complainant, Elizabeth Shuman. Shuman advised this morning she discovered three white eggs laying on her yard/driveway. Shuman was waiting until her daughter came home to check the daughter’s car for damage. No damage was observed on any of their vehicles or house. Shuman had no idea why she would be targeted and has no idea of any possible suspects. Shuman wished to document the incident so the sheriff’s office was aware. Two incidents were documented earlier in the day.

• BAD CHECK: A deputy responded to the 1900 block of Rusk Road, Troy, in reference to a bad check complaint. The check had been returned due to non-sufficient funds. The deputy explained the 10-day notice process to the complainant and provided her with the associated paperwork. She advised she would initiate the process the following day.

• TRAFFIC STOP: A deputy observed a vehicle traveling westbound on State Route 718. He ran the license plate through the Leads Database and it came back that the registered owner was driving under suspension. The deputy was able to identify that the registered owner was operating the vehicle by identifying him with his driver’s license photo. The driver was cited for driving under suspension and was released to a valid driver who also removed the vehicle from the scene.

• ACCIDENT: A deputy responded to the area of Alcony Conover and East State Route 55 on a report of an accident. A driver was arrested for suspicion of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. This case is pending further investigation and lab results.

• DISTURBANCE: Deputies were dispatched to the 3000 block of Redbud Drive for a disturbance between two males that live at the apartment complex. Both males involved were identified as Jeremy Haverkos and Robert Moon. Subsequently, Haverkos was cited for misdemeanor assault against Moon.

March 7

OVI: A deputy stopped the listed vehicle for a moving violation and made contact with the driver who was identified as Tyler Weidner. After further investigation, Weidner was found to be under the influence of alcohol and was taken into custody for OVI.

• NARCAN USED: Dispatch advised a vehicle was traveling north bound on I-75 near exit 68. The vehicle was continuously striking the median wall while in travel. Dispatch advised the male operator was slumped over at the wheel while the vehicle was moving. Dispatch advised a tire from the vehicle had struck another vehicle. Upon a Deputy Tim Larger’s arrival, Officer Harris and Officer Schulte from Tipp City Police Department were already on scene. Officer Schulte advised she located a tablet on the passenger seat, which appeared to be heroin. Officer Schulte advised, she already gave him the Narcan she had in her cruiser. Officer Schulte was in the front passenger seat rendering aid. Due to the vehicle being against the median wall, the sheriff’s deputy had to assist Officer Schulte from the backseat. The operator of the vehicle was identified as Ronald Long. The deputy observed Long going in and out of consciousness and performed a sternum rub on Long multiple times to keep him awake. At one point, Long was not responding to the sternum rub and the deputy administered one Narcan from his assigned AED. After administering the Narcan, Officer Schulte and the deouty pulled Long out of the vehicle from the back passenger side. At this time Tipp City squad arrived on scene. While Long was out of the vehicle, the deputy again had to perform a sternum rub multiple times to keep him conscious. Tipp City squad administered another dose of Narcan to Long before putting him on a gurney. Ohio State Highway Patrol arrived on scene at advised they will handle the accident and further charges.

• ARSON: The resident of a 8000 block of North State Route 48, Covington, advised she was awoken by a passerby shouting “fire.” When she went to the front door, she saw her Rumpke trash can fully engulfed in flames. The can burnt all the way down and the local fire department was not called. The deputy was ask the arson investigator to take a look at the remains for evidence of an accelerant.

• CRIMINAL DAMAGE: On the morning of March 7, a Monroe Township resident discovered the passenger rear tire on his pick up truck was flat. Upon further examination of the tire, it appeared the tire had been cut with some type of knife or razor blade.

• HARASSMENT: A deputy was dispatched to the 7000 block of Piqua-Clayton Road in Newberry Township in regards to a telephone harassment. The deputy attempted to make contact with the caller to warn her for telephone harassment, however he was unable to make contact.