Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Aug. 7

FOUND CELL PHONE: A deputy was contacted by Carol Strawser at the Miami County Sheriffs Office, in reference to a found cellular telephone. The deputy asked Mrs. Strawser about the cell phone, and she stated that it was located on their golf cart, in the “Paint Shop”in the 10000 block of Emerick Road, Laura, and does not know who it belongs to. Mrs. Strawser stated that they did not find anything moved or missing on the property, but was unsure why the cell phone was on the golf cart. Mrs. Strawser attempted to turn on the cell phone, but was unable to locate anything as it is locked. The deputy secured the phone, and it was secured into the property room. Attempts will be made to locate the owner of the phone.

DAMAGE: A resident in the 7900 block of Alcony Conover, Alcony, reported some one attempted to steal his vehicle within the past four days. He and his wife were leaving for lunch and he noticed damage to the steering column. It appeared someone pried it apart exposing the ignition switch.

SEX OFFENDER CHECK: A deputy went to verify the address of Rick Wilhelmy at 1395 Fleet Rd. in Troy.

The deputy spoke with Trent Chalmers at the address, he is cousins with Rick. When the deputy asked Trent if Rick was there he advised he no longer lives there. Trent advised Rick had moved out of the house about a month prior. He said Rick stops by every so often but he does not live there. Trent knows he is still staying in the Troy area but unsure where. Trent seems to think he is trying to get back with a ex-girlfriend. The deputy had Trent give a written statement. The deputy turned the statement and information over to Sgt. Marion and also Det. Wysong to follow up with the investigation.

Aug. 9

OVI: Deputies responded to the 2000 block of State Route 202, Troy, for a possible hit skip accident. Deputies located the vehicle and the driver in the area. The driver was identified as the defendant Claudia D Posey. After further investigation Ms. Posey was found to be under the influence of alcohol and was taken into custody for OVI.

DRUG POSSESSION: A deputymade contact with Robert D. Cooper to 318 S. Roosevelt Ave, Piqua, OH. Robert has an active warrant out of Miami County. The deputy had dispatch run Mr. Cooper’s information and they advised the officer of the warrant and the warrant was confirmed.

Mr. Cooper was placed into custody, handcuffed, and searched. While searching Mr. Cooper the deputy observed him attempt to hand his roommate a small red cylinder. The deputy recovered the cylinder and observed it to be a marijuana grinder. Inside the grinder, the deputy located two blue pills. One side had 160 on it. The other had an R. Mr. Co0oper advised they were Xanax and he did not have a prescription. The deputy was able to confirm the pills to be Xanax 1MG pills, and they were later placed into evidence.

Robert was transported to Miami County Jail without incident. He was charged with possession of a schedule IV drug.

Aug. 10

BARN BREAK-IN:A resident in the 700 block of Wilson Road, Troy, called dispatch to report his barn had been broken into. This occurred sometime last night and numerous items were taken.

BAD CHECKS: Dorothy Carder spoke to a deputy regarding bad checks which had been presented as payment at Clark’s Pizza. Two of the three checks had been returned due to insufficient funds in the account. She had not attempted to draw on the third check.

She advised she had attempted to contact Jerry Collins, the individual who had written the checks, and he refused to answer the door on multiple occasions. She had also spoken with his significant other in an attempt to receive payment.

The deputy explained the process of sending a certified 10-day letter to Mr. Collins, which she said she was familiar with and would do.The deputy advised a report would be taken to document the incident. She stated she would follow up after completing the certified letter process.

Aug. 11

WARRANT: A deputy was traveling south on Interstate 75, near mile marker 71, Concord Township, and noticed the vehicle crossed over the fog line to the right. The deputy activated the overhead lights and stopped the vehicle.

The deputy identified the driver as Le Tari Amir Myles Sr. When the deputy ran Mr. Myles through LEADS they discovered his driver’s license was suspended and there was a warrant for his arrest. The warrant was from Kettering PD for DUS. The deputy had dispatch confirm the warrant. After it was confirmed the deputy advised Mr. Myles he was under arrest for the warrant.

The deputy issued Mr. Myles a citation for DUS and marked lanes. He was then transported to Kroger’s on Northwoods Blvd. and turned over to Kettering PD.

POSSESSION OF PARAPHERNALIA: Deputies were dispatched on a suspicious maroon vehicle next to the church near the intersection of St. Rt. 41 and Alcony Conover Rd. A deputy observed a maroon vehicle parked in the grass to the North of the church, next to a garage. As the deputy pulled up behind it, the driver exited the vehicle and walked back to the cruiser. The deputy advised him of why they were there and could immediately smell the odor of burnt marijuana coming from the around the vehicle. The male subject advised that he lived here and was able to provide his driver’s license showing his name as Kody Williams from 8010 E. St. Rt. 41. There were two other subjects in the vehicle. The deputy asked for their driver’s license they both advised that they did not have it with them. The male subject in the back appeared to be under 18.

The deputy asked them about the strong smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle and they all denied knowing anything. Deputy Moore arrived on scene at this time and had the other two passengers exit the vehicle. The deputy checked the three subjects and located a multi colored glass marijuana pipe in the front right pocket of Sage Denson. The deputy then checked the vehicle and found another multi colored glass marijuana pipe below the radio in the center console. it was still warm to the touch. The deputy also located two open bottles of Bud Light Lime in the front seat area. Kody Williams admitted that the marijuana pipe was his along with one of the open containers. The other open container belonged to Jennifer Budd of Troy.

Kody Williams and Sage Denson were issued citations for possession of drug paraphernalia, and both glass pipes were confiscated and secured into an evidence locker. Kody Williams and Jennifer Budd were given a warning for their open containers. Kody Williams was also advised of the physical control law. All subjects were released without incident.

OVI: A deputy stopped the listed vehicle for a moving violation at Fenner Road and Barnhart. The deputy made contact with the driver who was identified as the defendant Donald W Beaschler. After further investigation Donald was found to be under the influence of alcohol and was taken into custody for OVI.

Aug. 12

OVI: A deputy was dispatched on a reckless vehicle on south bound Interstate 75 near mile marker 74. The deputy caught up with the vehicle near mile marker 70, Concord Township, Miami County. The driver of the vehicle, Janet Tucker, was arrested for OVI.