Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

May 10

SCHOOL INCIDENT: The reporting turned over what she believed was a stolen laptop to a staff member of Milton-Union Middle School. Another staff member advised the SRO that a Dell projector had been stolen from the football locker room.

INCIDENT NEAR SCHOOL FOOTBALL FIELD: The sheriff’s office received multiple calls for a fight happening near the Bradford football field. Three males had traveled up to Bradford to confront and fight another male subject. At the conclusion of the incident, one male was charged with obstructing, another male was charged with disorderly, and the third male will have a warrant issued for assault charges.

ASSAULT: A deputy was dispatched to the 8600 block of Bellefountaine Road, New Carlisle, for a suspicious complaint. Dispatch said a 911 caller reported there were people riding ATV’s on the church property and he was going to go shoot them. The caller lived in Clark County. However the ATV rider’s were riding in Miami County. The deputy went 8730 Bellefontaine Rd. to tell them not to ride on the church property. After the deputy told them not to ride on the property two of the riders said a neighbor, Frank Rich, threw rocks at them as they rode by hitting their bodies. They wanted to press assault charges. Mr. Rich was charged with two counts of assault and issued a summons.

May 11

SCHOOL INCIDENT: A deputy was dispatched to Milton High School on a telecommunication harassment complaint. The deputy made contact with the complainant who stated a student sent another student harassing text messages.

DRUG POSSESSION: A deputy made a traffic stop on the listed vehicle for a traffic violation. After an investigation the driver Cody Morgan was cited for Left of Center and Possession of Marijuana.

May 12

FRAUD: On this date, a Pleasant Hill resident called to report a fraudulent purchase made on his credit card.

WARRANT: Children’s services reported Bonnie Smith was at their location and had a warrant for her arrest. The warrant was for a traffic violation and the jail advised the summon her.

A deputy delivered a copy of her warrant and summons. Bonnie signed the original summons which was placed in the incarcerated box for Municipal Court.

ASSAULT: A deputy responded to the 4100 block of State Route 721, Laura, for an assault complaint. The reporting party said that Greggory Cooper arrived at his residence in a white Chevrolet car and confronted him about seeing Mr. Cooper’s ex-girlfriend or ex-wife. The reporting party said that Mr. Copper grabbed his arm and said, “Don’t (expletive) with me or I’ll kill you.” The reporting party wanted Mr. Cooper criminal charged. The deputy could not locate Mr. Cooper and he is at-large. The deputy charged Mr. Cooper with menacing and requested the courts to issue a warrant due to not having a good address or a way to contact Mr. Cooper.

SWISS BANK FRAUD: A Tipp City resident called to report fraudulent charges from Switzerland on his credit card.

TRAFFIC STOP: While driving west on Addison Pike in Casstown, a deputy noticed a truck driving right of the white fog line. The deputy initiated a stop on the vehicle and it pulled in to the drive near 4428 State Route 55.

The driver, Michael Jenkins, advised the location was his brother in law’s and he was OK to park there. A male came out of the residence and confirmed the same.

The deputy advised Michael the reason for the stop and he stated he had dropped his cigarette between his legs. The deputy requested his license and proof of insurance. He advised he had neither and was under suspension.

Jenkins was cited for driving under a 12 point suspension and advised his mandatory court date. Jenkins was released and stayed at the residence.

ASSIST AGENCY FOR DRUG OVERDOSE: A deputy responded to the 8100 block of Wildcat Road, Bethel Township, for a drug overdose.