Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

April 28

SHIPPING SCAM: A deputy spoke with an individual about a craigslist scam. The reporting party advised she was attempting to sell furniture on Craigslist. The seller was contacted by an individual who requested the transaction take place through PayPal. The buyer wanted the furniture to be shipped, which resulted in the seller sending money via western union to a shipping company. The transaction turned out to be a scam.

STORE DAMAGE: Ryan Mollette accidently drove a Ford SUV into the Northwest corner of the Dollar General.

April 29

JAIL INCIDENT: A deputy responded to the downtown jail in reference to an assault. The jail staff advised that inmate Newell Williams was assaulted and had to be transported to U.V.M.C. for his injuries. The deputy spoke with Newell at the hospital and he refused to cooperate. Newell stated he would tell the deputy what had happened if he could get the supervisors to release him from jail. Newell explained if the deputy couldn’t get him released from jail he wasn’t going to tell what had happened. Newell’s injuries included a broken nose, 10 stitches in his left eye, a laceration to his left shin, and several lacerations to his scalp. The inmates listed in the involvements were interviewed separately and they all stated they didn’t hear or see anything.

DISORDERLY: Deputies were dispatched to the 8000 block of Looney Road, Piqua on a report of a disturbance. The victim Doug Liette stated that Joseph Rausher was there and was extremely intoxicated and doing damage to the property and wanting to fight. Mr. Leitte did not want to pursue charges. Mr. Rausher was given a ride to his home at 628 Second St. in Piqua but refused to go inside his residence and argued with his girlfriend Angel Boyer. Mr. Rausher was warned for disorderly conduct and after several attempts finally went inside and was told to go to bed. While trying leave Mr. Rausher came running out of the house and almost fell into Sgt. Slusher’s cruiser yelling to take him to jail. Mr. Rausher was arrested for disorderly conduct. Mr. Rausher claimed he was suicidal and was medically cleared by the hospital before being incarcerated.