Premier launches blood management program

DAYTON — Blood transfusions save lives, but such procedures are not without risk.

What’s more, national studies suggest that as many as half of all transfusions might be unnecessary or avoidable.

To address those risks and further enhance the value of its health care, Premier Health has launched a comprehensive patient blood management program across its hospitals as part of a national patient safety initiative.

As it puts the five-year program in place, Premier Health is collaborating with Accumen, a national company with a strong track record of success in patient blood management.

The multidisciplinary program seeks to improve both transfusion utilization and transfusion safety; optimize diagnosis and management of anemia; and minimize bleeding and blood loss.

Programs like the comprehensive approach Premier Health is taking have reduced the incidence of blood product transfusion by 30 percent to 40 percent.

“This evidence-based program will build upon the success of our clinical quality initiatives, and our hospitals also should see a reduction in blood usage and the cost of care,” said Jennifer Hauler, DO, chief medical officer at Premier Health.