First-of-its-kind biopsy system at UVMC

Offers advanced, minimally invasive technology

TROY — In September of last year, Premier Health’s Upper Valley Medical Center in Troy was the first hospital in Ohio to offer offer 3D™-guided breast biopsy, an advanced, minimally invasive technique utilizing the Hologic® Affirm® Prone Breast Biopsy System.

Miami Valley Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital in Dayton now join UVMC to use this biopsy system, which is the first and only dedicated prone biopsy system to offer both 2D and 3D™ imaging-guided breast biopsies. Procedures can be performed with patients reclining comfortably in the prone, or lying flat, position, removed from the field of view of the biopsy instruments.

The Hologic® Affirm® Prone Breast Biopsy System allows radiologists to use 3D imaging to locate and accurately target areas of interest for biopsy, including those that can be challenging to detect using conventional imaging techniques.

“The Affirm® 3D biopsy machine allows us to biopsy asymmetrical areas or questionable densities that may only be visualized on the 3D mammographic images,” said Diane Anderson, DO, radiologist and co-medical director of the Samaritan Breast Center at Good Samaritan North Health Center. “We can also biopsy calcifications and masses that are visualized on the 2D mammograms.”

The new biopsy technology has several key advantages over traditional 2D stereotactic procedures, including faster targeting and fewer X-ray exposures, which lessens procedure time and reduces patient dose. Additionally, 360-degree access to the breast enables challenging locations to be reached without repositioning the patient.

“The ability to utilize tomosynthesis, or 3D imaging, is a big plus,” said Naomi Kane, MD, radiologist and medical director of the Miami Valley Hospital Breast Centers. “We can be very accurate in our needle placement. The increased computational analysis and resolution of this new technology has translated into much shorter patient procedure time, which is a big benefit.”

Imaging staff works together with surgeons and primary care physicians to expedite biopsies and help patients navigate through the treatment process more efficiently, reducing anxiety.

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Offers advanced, minimally invasive technology