Piqua business OK’d for up to $3.1M in financing

Funds approved by Ohio Air Quality Development Authority

COLUMBUS – Piqua-based Hartzell Hardwoods, a 142-year-old producer of high-end lumber, was approved by the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority (OAQDA) for up to $3.1 million in financing from the Clean Air Resource Center (CARC) at its June meeting.

The family-owned and operated business established in 1875 and headquartered in Piqua since 1900, will purchase and install an existing wood fired boiler with assistance from the CARC program.

The company manufactured a variety of products ranging from propellers and gunstocks during WWI and WWII. Today, Hartzell Hardwoods, 1025 S. Roosevelt Ave., is known internationally for processing premium walnut and thick oak lumber, exporting to more than 40 countries.

“To provide superior quality lumber to our customers, Hartzell Hardwoods uses proprietary processes to dry, grade, sort and package premium hardwoods. This new boiler is important to our operations because it will improve the air quality at our plant, reduce energy consumption and ultimately reduce our energy costs,” Kelly Hostetter, president, Hartzell Hardwoods, said.

The existing boiler has been in operation since 1942. But the new energy efficient boiler will take its place as an integral part of the production of Hartzell’s specialty boards and will utilize the wood waste from their manufacturing process.

“Hartzell Hardwoods is a long-standing member of the Ohio business community. We are fortunate to have this industry leader here in our community and are delighted by their efforts to improve energy efficiency using resources available through the CARC program,” State Sen. Bill Beagle (R-Tipp City), said.

“Hartzell Hardwoods is an important member of the Miami County business community, and we are fortunate to have a respected and recognized world leader in hardwood processing here in Ohio. We appreciate the contribution Hartzell makes to our state and are most appreciative for their diligence in protecting the quality of the air we all breathe,” State Rep. Stephen A. Huffman, (R-Tipp City), said.

“We are delighted to provide financing assistance for an Ohio company with the world-wide profile and reputation of Hartzell Hardwoods. This project is another example of the flexibility and variety of companies and financing opportunities available from OAQDA through the CARC program. CARC provides funds to eligible businesses to assist in the financing of pollution control or prevention equipment, such as the new boiler for Hartzell Hardwoods,” Chadwick Smith, OAQDA executive director, said.

Funds approved by Ohio Air Quality Development Authority