Reader questions solicitors’ calls

To the Editor:

How many retirees, who depend on Social Security for most or all their living expenses, are receiving “urgent” letters from “non-profit” solicitors who also request money to help sustain their campaigns to save our Social Security benefits?

Are they like me in rarely getting fewer than four such requests every day? Indeed, I often get six or more at a time! ALL ask for donations of $3 to $100 or more plus filling out a form to congressmen to “stop their raiding” of the SS Trust Fund.

I rarely respond because none are known by me to be legitimate and effective in their claimed attempts to prevent further ransacking of that fund, for other governmental expenses.

Those eight or more agencies go by many names, each vowing to stop the “greedy politicians” from continuing to bleed dry the fund. They also claim to be trying to obtain a restoration of the $2+ trillion that are supposedly covered by worthless IOUs. Fat chance!

My questions include the following: How much of the asked-for donations actually is spent on the claimed purpose? And, how effective will their efforts be?

As a card-carrying skeptic, I doubt anyone in authority even reads such requests and, of those who might, most will not take action. They are impressed by the Supreme Court’s asinine decision that we taxpayers have no legitimate claim to SS benefits; our payments into that fund notwithstanding. Congress can end those benefits at any time!

— Gerald L. Wiles