WACO offers annual Rocket Day

TROY — On Saturday, April 30, Randy Boadway and a team from Wright Stuff Rocketry will be conducting an educational event at WACO for youth and their parents. From 9 a.m. to noon, the trained staff will conduct an educational event and help build and launch rockets safely. They will share a history of rockets, how rockets work, Newton’s Laws, forces of flight, how mankind has benefited from the lessons learned in space exploration, as well as safety information used in rocket launching. Each attendee will get to take home the rocket they build. These are reusable rockets. The cost of the program, which includes the rocket and motors, is $20. The public is welcome to view the launch at 11 a.m. on the north end of the Willis Wing.

Randy, senior adviser of Wright Stuff Rocketry is certified with Tripoli Rocketry Association and National Association of Rocketry. One of the guiding principles of Wright Stuff Rocketry is to expand the hobby of rocketry by reaching out to the public and inviting them to experience rocketry. They desire to make a positive influence on youth, and encourage young people to pursue education and careers in science and the aerospace industry.

Contact WACO Air Museum for registration at 335-9226 for registration.