Bradford signs two-year contract with Rumpke

By Heather Canan - For the Daily Call

BRADFORD — The village council met Thursday evening for the first time this month, with three members of the community in attendance, as well as a sheriff’s deputy. Bob Daugherty was absent.

Dave Painter and Brian Bates had the first business on the floor. The Painters recently built a house on Hickory Drive. Since moving in, they have had sewage issues. When they dug down to where the problem was, they found that the sewage lines either broke or were never actually connected. Village Administrator Rick Looker said that there could be all kinds of scenarios of what may have happened but it there undeniably was something wrong. The question was who was responsible for the bill — the Painters or the village? After deliberation, a motion was passed and carried for the village to pay the bill of $1,575.

Clerk treasurer Brenda Selanders stated that salt bids open April 28 and a miscellaneous utility extension project bid opens April 20. Selanders and Looker updated council on the refuse contract. Looker said the deal was better than the last one we had with Rumpke. A motion is made to sign the contract with Rumpke for two years, May 1, 2016 through May 30, 2018.

The sheriff’s deputy confirmed that the department was in the process of doing the Spring clean-up sweep of vehicles. Desi Layman wanted to let the deputy know that he appreciated what an officer had recently done. He found a video that someone shared on Facebook that had a deputy playing a little basketball with the kids in the park. Layman wanted to thank the department for being a positive presence in the park.

In committee reports, Galen Balmert said the zoning board would like to address the possibility of future farm animal problems. There are residents with chickens in town and he is concerned with how far people may go. As of now, there are no restrictions in place. Council decided to take it to committee to discuss what ordinances should be made. Wirrig asked Looker to get more information on how other communities have addressed farm animals in town.

Deb Warner asked when the last time the water tower had been cleaned. Looker said he will look into pricing to have it done again.

Tom Moore said he took a bike ride around town and said that it is looking very nice.

The second meeting of the month will take place at 7 p.m. April 28 in the city building.

By Heather Canan

For the Daily Call

Heather Canan is a freelance writer who lives in Bradford. Reach her at or (937) 417-4317.

Heather Canan is a freelance writer who lives in Bradford. Reach her at or (937) 417-4317.