Traffic stop nets drugs

Counterfeit money also recovered

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — The Troy Police Department discovered cocaine, marijuana and counterfeit money during a routine traffic stop on Wednesday morning.

Troy Police charged Julio Almonte, 20, of Piqua, with possession of cocaine and marijuana, fifth degree felony drug abuse and misdemeanor drug abuse. Officers charged Lea Dillon, 18, of Troy, with fifth degree forgery for the counterfeit money, as well as fictitious license plates and temporary instruction permit and ID card violation.

Around 4:45 a.m., officers conducted a traffic stop at West Main Street and North Elm Street in Troy. An officer detected the smell of marijuana from the vehicle. The officer also observed a clear plastic bag containing a green, leafy substance sitting on Almonte’s lap who was in the passenger seat. Almonte claimed the contents were oregano. Officers conducted a search of the vehicle, which revealed two BB guns, a Marlboro box with one marijuana blunt as well as cocaine and counterfeit U.S. currency.

Dillon claimed the money was her tax return. Officers found only one bill in the stack of approximately $1,000 to be true currency with the rest of the bills marked with the same serial number “CP 01105192L.” Dillon claimed she got the money out of an ATM, but gave Almonte the money earlier in the day to hold for her.

Counterfeit money also recovered

By Melanie Yingst