Newton FFA winners named

PLEASANT HILL — Since October, the Newton Agricultural Food & Natural Resources as well as the Animal and Plant classes of the FFA chapter have been working on their personal Agri-science Fair projects.

The process began when students came up with the idea for their project and started researching in the fall. It concluded for most the week before spring break when the students turned in their final project written report (for most this was more than 15 pages) and completed an interview with a panel of judges. Each student could work as a pair or an individual. Their projects were completely individually designed to reflect the student’s interest.

Division I Individual freshmen participants — Plant Systems Winner: Nicolas Lesley; Environmental Winner: Lexi Oburn; Division 1 Overall Winner: Lexi Oburn. Division 2 is paired freshmen participants — Animal Systems: Jalyn Hunsbarger and Alicia Dunning; Plant Systems: Bailly Abernathy, Kasey Bowerman and Peter McGlynn; Division 2 Overall Winner: Jalyn Hunsbarger and Alicia Dunning; Division 3 is for single entry upperclassmen participants as follows — Animal Systems Winner: Kristen Rappold; Social Systems Winner: Kacie Tackett; Food Science Winner: Kylee Fisher. Division III Overall Winner is Kacie Tackett.

Division 4 is for paired upperclassmen participants — Social Systems Winners: Treanna Lavy & Caitlin Shuman; Plant Systems: Dylan Ballard & Mason Dilbone; Environmental Winner: Nash Lavy and Hunter Hollis; Division 4 Overall Winner: Treanna Lavy and Caitlin Shuman. And, the overall Judges Choice Winner was Kristen Rappold.

“I am overwhelmingly proud of all the students, they accomplished something they thought to be far beyond their reach when we began in October!” said Mrs. Helsinger.

Some students have chosen to take their project to state level competition at the State FFA Convention in May, including Treanna Lavy, Caitlin Shuman, Kacie Tackett, Kristen Rappold and Lexis Oburn.