Real Estate Transactions


Shirley Walker to Kristi Drake, Steven Drake, one lot, $47,500.

S & T Ventures LLC to Brittney Wilson, one lot, $91,400.

Bridget Kerber, Steven Kerber to Rebecca Stevens, one lot, $79,900.

Estate of Katheryn Young, Ann Welch, executor, Sara young to Jessica Welch, Matthew Welch, one lot, $99,400.

Jamie Pecoraro to Gustavo Alcantar, Cynthia Gaona-Santos, one lot, $195,000.

Ryan Shafer to Christina Shafer, one lot, $0.

John Tarcea, Marilyn Tarcea to Sarah Bay, Christopher Stevens, three lots, $84,500.

Jerry Miller, Linda Miller to Mary Beth Christian, one lot, $80,000.

Erin O’Neal, Sam O’Neal to Ryan Shafer, one lot, $164,500.

Faye Farris, Ronald Farris to Jana Brown, Mark Brown, two lots, $87,000.

Lonnie Todd, Sue Todd to Cynthia Sullivan, Paul Sullivan, one lot, $169,500.

Charlotte Clark Trust Agreement, Paul Clark Trust Agreement, Craig Dynes, successor trustee, to Claudia Edwards Lavy, one lot, $0.

Lori Brower, Lori Gunter to Matthew Gunter, one lot< $0.


Carolyn Selanders to Herbert Bailey Jr., one lot, $0.

Isaiah Smay, Julie Smay to Shawn Eloshway, one $47,500.

Mergan Ervin a.ka. Megan Overman, Ryan Overman to Howard Walters, Taylor Walters, one lot< $108,700.

L Jill Trevino to Joseph Trevino, one lot, $0.

Joseph Trevino to Eric Pence, Heather Pence, one lot, $179,900.

Carlisle, McNellie, Rini, Kramer, Ulrich CO. LPA, attorney in fact, Federal National Mortgage Association to Mark Dowty, one lot, $0.

Keytha Rouse, William Rouse to Richard Rouse, trustee, William and Keytha Rouse Irrevocable Trust, one lot, $0

Brian Cassel, Stacey Cassel to Brian Cassel, one lot, $0.

Curtis Schmidt, Toni Schmidt to Shawn Hess, Hailee Phyllaier, one lot, $92,500.

Park National Bank, Unity National Bank to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, eon lot, $0.

Bank of America N.A. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, one lot, $0.

Dennis Streib, successor trustee, Streib Family Bypass C Trust of the Streib Family Trust, Streib Surviving Spouse A Trust of the streib Family Trust to Rebecca Snyder, one lot, $103,400.

Deanna Koehl, Jeffrey Koehl to Thomas Patrizio, two lots, $97,000.

Bank of New York, trustee, Bank of New York Mellon, Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to American Land Investments Ltd., one lot, $27,000.


Doris Cole to Charles Bowman, Doris Cole, one lot, $0.

Diane Dunn, Mark Dunn, Bruce Long, Nancy Long, Dave Magness, Joyce Magness, Karen Nesbitt, Scott Nesbitt to Doris Cole, one lot, $155,900.

Bradley Blackburn to Shannon Rammel, three lots, $69,000.

Kristin Huber to Clayton Huber, one lot, $0.

Carol Cook, Charlotte Cook, David Cook, Frederick Cook, Lawrence Cook, Nancy Cook to Nathan McKinney, one lot, $57,000.

Jacob Zickafoose to Emily Carus, Emily Zickafoose, one lot, $0.

Bradley Brandye a.k.a. Brandye Genereux to Bradley Investment Properties LLC, one lot, $110,000.

Donald Anders to Larry McClinton, one lot, $245,000.

Gregory Hopper, Charity Lomax to Matthew O’Neil, Hillary VanFleet, one lot, $237,500.


Gail Tinch, William Tinch to Village of Covington, two lots, $6,000.

Mary Erwin, Gerald Hensley, Jerry Hensley, Mary Hensley to Bart Weer, Marie Weer, one lot, $275,000.


Inverness Group Inc. to Dorthea Saliba, Joseph Saliba, two lots, $339,600.

PAJ Enterprises LLC to Kayla Robley, Travis Robley, two lots, $164,000.

NVR Inc. to Yasin Aliyev, Sevda Aliyeva, two lots, $339,400.

NVR Inc. to John Sager, two lots, $311,400.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $43,400.

Michael Beyer, Tamithe Beyer to Kelsey Laliberte, Stephen Pirovolos, two lots, $155,000.

Villas at Benchrock to Gerald Harkenrider, Myrna Harkenrider, two lots, $241,200.

Invernes Group Inc., to Kamalpreet Kaur to Gurtej Singh, two lots, $229,600.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co I LLC to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $48,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $37,000.


Bank of New York, successor, JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A, trustee, Well Fargo Bank N.A. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, one lot, $0.


Stacy Dodge to Andrew Upduke, three lots, $112,000.


Leonard Pytel, Miriam Pytel to Laura Hawthorn, trustee, Pytel keystone Preservation Trust, 6.1479 acres, $0.

Leonard Pytel, Miriam Pytel to Laura Hawthorn, trustee, Pytel keystone Preservation Trust, 7.777 acres, $0.

Robin Price, Ronald Price to Katrina Brun, Matthew Brun, one lot, $280,000.

Audrey Hochwalt, Glenn Hochwalt Jr. to Angela Smith, Patrick Smith, one lot, $250,000.


Larry Brown Revocable Living Trust, Larry Brown, trustee, to Mark Powers, Mary Powers, one lot, $240,000.

Becky Bubeck, Ricky Bubeck to Becky Bubeck, trustee, Ricky Bubeck, trustee, Bubeck Family Living Trust, 4.466 acres, 0.861 acres, 5.001 acres, $0.


Ashley Youtz, Bradley Youtz to Kelly Ramey, Zachary Ramey, one lot, $114,900.


Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Connie Rudy, David Rudy to PNC Bank N.A., 2.301 acres, $58,000.

Carlisle, McNellie, Rini, Kramer and Ulrich Co., Federal National Mortgage Association to Elizabeth Tippie, Shawn Tippie, 0.6051 acres, 2.1249 acres, $0.


Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Mike Havenar, Ryan Havenar, one lot, $68,800.