Randall awarded DAR scholarship

PIQUA — Emily Randall, a senior at Miami East High School, recently was awarded the Dorothy Walker Beach Memorial Scholarship during an awards tea heald by the Piqua-Lewis Boyer Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

In addition to the scholarship presentation, the chapter held the event to honor students from Miami and Shelby counties who participated in the American History and Christopher Columbus Essay Contest, and to give out Good Citizens awards.

American History winners were Milton-Union 8th grader Emily Peck and Lucy Reed, a 7th grader from Troy Junior High School. The Christopher Columbus winner was Ethan Marsh, a 9th grader from Marsh Home School, who also was the winner of the state and southwest region contests.

Good Citizens awards were given Cassidy Wasson (first place), Rachel Schmitmeyer (second place), Bailey Williams, Caitlin Justice, Spencer Hina, and Kristopher Gibboney.