City of Piqua to replace river intake line

Line ‘defective, in danger of collapsing’

By Sam Wildow -

PIQUA — The Piqua City Commission will be considering a number of purchase orders and contracts during their next meeting Tuesday evening, including the contract to Peterson Construction Company for the replacement of the river intake line for the Water Treatment Plant.

The river intake line for Piqua’s Water Treatment Plant is “failing and in need of replacement,” according to the commission’s agenda. The staff report goes on to state that the 36-inch intake line, approximately 525 feet in length, extending from the Great Miami River to the river pump station, is “defective and in danger of collapsing.”

The staff report also explained that a contractor had to clean the intake line as it had a built-up of sediment from both ends of the pipe, filling up approximately three-fourths of the pipe. It was reportedly found to be “compromised and in danger of total failure” after the line was cleaned and inspected. According to the staff report, “it was also found that the line was made of clay tile and not concrete as specified on the 1925 plans.”

Peterson Construction Company will replace the intake line by “open cutting and removing the old line and putting a new line in the same trench,” according to the staff report. The project was not bid out due to its urgency and Peterson Construction Company already being on-site working on the new Water Treatment Plant. The city contacted two different companies about possibly “slip-lining” the current pipe with a smaller pipe, but the costs were over $475,000.

The cost is not to exceed $340,000. The Water Treatment Plant is seeking to fund this project through the contingency funds on the new water plant loan. If they are unable to do so, the project will be funded through the plant’s budget as a capital expense. The project is expected to last approximately six weeks.

Also in new business, the commission will be voting on a resolution to the retain the services of the auditor of state for the 2015 annual audit of the city. According to the staff report, the city undergoes an audit of their financial statements every year. This audit will cover the fiscal period of Jan. 1, 2015, to Dec. 31, 2015.

If approved, the audit will begin soon and is expected to be completed around June 30. The cost the audit will be approximately $41,410.

Next on the agenda, the commission will consider two resolutions authorizing purchase orders for three marked police cruisers, for one unmarked police vehicle, and for the purchase and installation of specialized equipment in police vehicles. This is a part of the Piqua Police Department’s strategic fleet replacement plan that the department began in 2013.

The cost of all four vehicles with options is approximately $101,857.50. According to the staff report, all four of the vehicles are being purchased with a state bid contract through Statewide Ford. There was also an open bid “for up-fitting the vehicles in a substantially similar manner as the previous year’s equipment up-fit,” according to staff report. The lowest bid was submitted by KE Rose at $29,177.50.

Following those resolutions, the commission will be voting on another possible purchase order of a refuse packer truck from Palmer Trucks Co. for the Sanitation Department, not to exceed $125,000. According to the staff report, this purchase “is a routine replacement of the oldest truck in the fleet, a 2004 Sterling Actera with 93,000 miles.”

The next purchase order will be a bucket truck for the Piqua Power System. This truck will replace a 2000 Altec 50-foot bucket truck on an International chassis with 43,498 miles and an “undetermined amount of run hours.” This purchase is also part of a replacement cycle.

The new truck will be a 60-foot bucket truck from Utility Truck Equipment, purchased through the State of Ohio Cooperative Purchasing program. The cost is not to exceed $232,000 for the bucket truck.

Also connected with that purchase, the commission will vote on adding accessory options to the bucket truck. The options will be purchased from Utility Truck Equipment at a cost not to exceed $18,000.

Also on the agenda:

• Richard A. Byron will be taking an oath of office for deputy chief of police for the Piqua Police Department

• Jerry L. Fogt will be taking an oath of office for police lieutenant for the Piqua Police Department

• Paul H. Brown will be taking an oath of office for fire captain for the Piqua Fire Department

• Vote on an ordinance to vacate a portion of a public right-of-way at an alley located west of Ford Drive and south of Young Street

• The second reading of an ordinance that will amend the rules of conduct for commission meetings, changing the layout of the meetings to take public comment first

• Adopting the 2014 supplements from the American Legal Publishing Corporation of Cincinnati to the city code of ordinances

• Authorize the city manager to enter into the Housing Revolving Loan Fund agreement with the State of Ohio Development Services Agency for between Jan. 1, 2016, and Dec. 31. 2018

Line ‘defective, in danger of collapsing’

By Sam Wildow

Reach reporter Sam Wildow at (937) 451-3336 or on Twitter @TheDailyCall

Reach reporter Sam Wildow at (937) 451-3336 or on Twitter @TheDailyCall