Covington PK-8 school on track

Expected to reach substantial completion in June

By Sam Wildow -

COVINGTON — The Covington Board of Education received a project update from Project Manager Steve Miller on the new PK-8 school building as well as upcoming projects with the Covington High School.

“The excitement’s starting to grow,” Miller said. The PK-8 building is expected to reach substantial completion in June. Miller also noted that they are set to be completed “on time and within budget.”

Miller also went over projects coming to the high school over the summer.

“The fire alarm system is on its way,” Miller said. That project will take approximately a month and is set to begin on June 1 and be completed by the weekend after July 4.

The following are projects that have already been approved as part of the district’s renovation project for the high school. The estimated budget costs include:

• Install a new fire alarm system: $75,000

• Replace the carpet in the main hallways, the locker bay, and the band room: $60,000

• Repave the existing areas of the high school parking lot: $65,000

• Repair and replace selected sidewalks: $35,000

• Renovate the four restrooms (two staff, two public): $65,000

• Modify the indoor boys’ locker rooms, creating two separate spaces: $20,000

• Replace selected doors: $40,000

• Create practice football fields on the Covington Elementary School site: $30,000

• Create an additional parking area at the new building site: $125,000

The district is working with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) to receive funding for the additional parking at the new school site, which will reduce the estimated budget costs for that project. The additional parking area will be needed for Covington schools to host competitions there.

“It’s going to be an active summer,” Miller said. “We’re going to demolish two buildings, too.”

Later during the meeting, the board approved their portion of a settlement agreement and mutual release of claims with Reiter Dairy, LLC.

“Reiter Dairy was overcharging the schools,” Covington Superintendent Gene Gooding said. Gooding explained that Covington schools is a member of the Southwestern Ohio Educational Purchasing Council (EPC). A dispute arose between Reiter Dairy, the EPC, and EPC members who purchased dairy products from Reiter Dairy. A settlement was reached, and Covington schools’ portion of that settlement was $3,623,37, which will go back the district’s food service fund.

Also on the board’s agenda, they approved two purchases. They first approved the purchase of one 78-passenger conventional bus from Myers Equipment Corp. for $87,040. They received a less credit of $2,500 for the trade-in of bus #6 for a net cost of $84,540. The board also approved the purchase of sports banners for the new gym in the amount of $11,015.

The board also held a student spotlight honoring high school senior Ryan Ford.

“He’s worked his tail off,” Covington High School Principal Josh Long said.

Long briefly went over Ford’s wrestling history at the school, which has earned Ford a full ride to Cleveland State. Long explained that Ford has been “outstanding” in the wrestling program, has placed in state twice, and has been a district champion. Long stated that Ford is a “member of the highest placing team we’ve ever had” in their wrestling program.

“His name is found in 11 different categories in our record books,” Long said.

It was not just Ford’s athletic achievements that brought on Long’s commendations. Long remarked that Ford is a “super role model” who is a member of the National Honors Society, art club, and Key Club. Ford also plans to be a history teacher. He has also been a positive representative of the school.

“Every time I talk to somebody from a different school, that’s always the question they ask, ‘Is he really as good as a kid he seems to be?’” Long said. “My answer always is yes … He just carries himself so well.”

Expected to reach substantial completion in June

By Sam Wildow

Reach reporter Sam Wildow at (937) 451-3336 or on Twitter @TheDailyCall

Reach reporter Sam Wildow at (937) 451-3336 or on Twitter @TheDailyCall