Covington Council approves rehab service on well

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COVINGTON — Covington Council met Monday evening and authorized Moody’s of Dayton to perform a rehabilitation service on Well #10 for the estimated amount of $13,150. Moody’s of Dayton will be rehabilitating and inspecting the pump, motor, and well. This pricing did not include rebuilding the pump if that is required.

The breakdown of costs for this estimate includes:

• Removal and inspection of the pump assembly at $200 per hour for approximately 10 hours: $2,000

• Video inspection: $600

• Chemically treat and mechanically surge well at $150 per hour for approximately 45 hours: $6,750

• Cost of chemicals (Muriatic Acid and HTH): $1,000

• Reinstallation of pump assembly at $200 per hour for approximately 10 hours: $2,000

• Flow test well and pump: $500

• Air compressor and surge tool rental: $300

According to Village Administrator Mike Busse, Moody’s of Dayton has been working with the village to flow test the wells and identify any potential issues.

During Busse’s report to council, Busse stated that the village has advertised for bids for the 2016 Sidewalk Program. There will be a mandatory pre-bid meeting on March 2, at 10 a.m. The bid opening is March 7, at 10 a.m.

Busse also explained that there will be a public hearing on March 21, at 7 p.m. This public hearing will review the proposed zoning on the newly annexed school, Sink, and Smith properties. It will also go over the zoning changes to the newly created part inlot 1205 and the south end of Covington bordered by Mote Drive, Grant Street, Bridge Street, and the West Corporation limits.

Next, Busse stated that he will be obtaining proposals for renovations to the 100,000-gallon water tower. There will be a presentation on that renovation at council’s March 7 meeting.

The village is also continuing their improvement project of the sewer plant. Busse explained that he is continuing to work with CH2MHill on the contract revisions for the sewer plant design, Phase 1. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was at Covington’s sewer plant facility last week to complete a pre-permit review. The village’s discharge permit will renew in July of 2016.

The last thing Busse discussed during his report was the Water Meter Replacement project within the village. The village is continuing to install radio-read water meters. According to Busse, the village has installed approximately 700 new meters and they have eliminated one reading cycle. The village is now down to three reading cycles.

Also covered at Covington Council:

• Busse and another village employee attended pesticide application training this week.

• A trash services workshop will be held on March 7, at 7 p.m.

Staff Reports