Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Estate of Melissa Long, Amy Levan, executor to Cy A. Pierquet Revocable Trust, one lot, $130,000.

Barbara Summers, Paul Summers to Susan Besecker, one lot, $333,000.

Clifford Smith, Kay Smith to Clifford and Kay Smith Family Trust, Gary Smith, trustee, one lot, $0.

Daniel Bensman, Karen Bensman to Sams Rentals LLC, one lot, $0.

Hugh Kelly to Carly Witmer, two part lots, $0.

Easaw Thomas, Susy Thomas to MLKS L.P., one lot, $260,000.

Hua Dong Rees, Robert Rees to Katherine Taylor, Kevin Taylor, one lot, $260,000.

Wendy Madden, trustee, Walther Family Real Estate Trust to Phillip Wray, one lot, $82,500.

Kristin Delp, Kurt Delp to David Dillard, one lot, $339,900.

Halifax Land Company to Harlow Builders Inc., two lots, $68,800.

Alaina Smith, Richard Smith to Adam Schaefer, one lot, $162,000.

Scott Investments of Troy to Christine Moss, one lot, $299,900.

John Scarbrough, Vickie Scarbrough to Jan Gillespie, Timothy Gillespie, one lot, one part lot, $42,000.

3HISHT Holdings LLC to City of Troy, two lots, $0.

Kim Cross, Lori Ginn Parsons, Douglas Parsons, Lori Ginn Parsons to Marissa Daeger, Nicholas Daeger, one lot, $172,000.

C3 Real Estate Investments Ltd. to Jordan Carter, Cristina Trinh, one lot, $129,900.

Denlinger and Sons Builders Inc. to Amber Buschur, one lot, $264,900.

Roger Garrett, Sylvia Grillo to Emma Batdorf, one lot, $0.

Four Sons Development to Arthur Eckl III, Hazel Eckl, one lot, $550,000.


Dennis Bayman, Barney Littlejohn, Marisa Littlejohn to Charlotte Hoops, one lot, $49,900.

Delma Grissom, James Grissom to David Crumpler, $325,000.

Anita Thomas to John Flaute, Michelle Flaute, two lots, $69,900.

Dorothy Grunkemeyer, Cynthia Huelskamp, Linda Spain to Amy Grunkemeyer-Kurzawa, two lots, $0.

Deborah Tatum, John Tatum to Brandon Adams, one lot, $30,000.

Carol Hemmert, Daniel Hemmert to Aaron Hemmert, one lot, $75,000.

Jeffrey Martin, Sharon Martin to John Martin, one lot, $2,500.

U.S. Bank N.A. to VA Investments, one lot, $73,100.

Piqua Movie LLC to Miami Valley Mall Realty Holding, $2,800,000.

MVM Garbry LLC to Miami Valley Mall Realty Holding LLC, $100,000.

MVM Center to Miami Valley Mall Realty Holding, $3,428,500.


Abby Bowling Kessler, successor trustee, Stephen Kessler Revocable Living Trust to Antonia Laux, one lot, $165,000.

Andrea Bogan, Christopher Bogan to Michael Williams, Suzanne Williams, one lot, $191,000.

David Follmer to Toby Baker, one lot, $198,000.

Charles Skira, Frances Skira to Gary Jackson, one lot, $260,000.

Ronald Re, Sue Ann Re to Sue Roberts, one lot, $149,900.

Sue Roberts to Kate Bromhal, Timothy Bromhal, one lot, one part lot, $149,000.

Gary Jackson, Laura Jackson to Laura Jackson, one lot, one part lot, $180,000.

Kelly Freeh, Steven Freeh to Kelly Freeh, trustee, Steven Freeh, trustee, Freeh Family Revocable Living Trust UAD, one lot, $0.

Eagre LLC to Jennifer Rough, Matthew Rough, one lot, $82,000.


Terri Miller to Riley Hart, a part lot, $95,000.

James Stephan to Amy Mitchell, two lots, $101,000.


Beth Culbertson, co-executor, Estate of Harriet Miller, Richard Grimes Jr., co-executor to Derrek Shively, Tiffany Shively, a part lot, $123,500.

Connie Cozatt, Estate of Connie Cozatt to Sara Draving, two part lots, $0.

Herbert Hess Jr., Katherine Hess, Mary Taylor, Louis Westfall, Susanne Westfall to Adam Benedict, a part lot, $80,000.

Deborah Lee, John Lee to Francine Ostendorf, a part lot, $49,000.


Angela Grisez, Jeffrey Grisez to Chad Dietz, Annette Randall, two lots, $198,300.

Kristin Arbuagh, William Arbaugh to John Duren, Toni Duren, two lots, $284,800.

Inverness Group Inc. to Kim Ha, Thuy Ha, Tuan Ha, Vu Hoang, two lots, $272,700.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $52,600.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $72,100.

Dena Carr, Dena Thacker, Joey Thacker to Eric Wagner, two lots, $176,000.

NVR Inc. to Dilbar Temirov, Makhammad Temirov, two lots, $355,300.

Samir Agaliyev, Sabina Azimova to Alimdzhan Agaliyev, Samir Agaliyev, two lots, $132,600.


Cassie Stumpff, Ronald Stumpff to Theodore Rolf, two part lots, $89,900.


Laura Gross to Ishaq Shaffer, a part lot, $99,900.

BSI Financial Services, attorney in fact, SCIG Series III Trust, Servis One Inc., U.S. Bank Trust N.A., trustee to SCIG Series III REO LLC, one lot, one part lot, $0.

BSI Financial Services, attorney in fact, SCIG Series III Trust, Servis One Inc. to Graydon Filbrun, one lot, one part lot, $35,000.


Estate of Karen Mann to Emily Mann, J.D. Perry, $0.

Hager Little, William Little to Judith Amend, Gary Dicenzo, Judith Dicenzo, one lot, $9,200.

Next Level Enterprises LLC to Deborah Watson, one lot, $121,400.

A to Zink LLC to Heather Daley, one lot, $203,000.


G & R Worthington Farms to Rhonda Beckman, Gerald Worthington, 5.001 acres, $0.

Richard Verdier Trust, E. Jean Verdier, trustee to E. Jean Verdier, $0.


Calvin Gillespey, Connie Gillespey to Belinda Roop, Matthew Roop, two lots, $0.

Amber Buschur, Brian Buschur to 3 Gen D LLC, 13.877 acres, 1.395 acres, $164,900.

Stony Brook Estates to Harlow Builders Inc., one lot, $63,900.


Virginia Benham Revocable Living Trust, Ruth Caldwell, successor trustee to Jayne Benham, $0.

Jayne Benham to Virginia Benham Revocable Living Trust, Ruth Caldwell, successor trustee, $0.


Rebecca Birtle to Ryan Werling, Steve Werling, 1.044 acres, 0.398 acre, $170,000.

Rita Kinzig, Steven Kinzig, Rita Sweet to Mauricio Thompson, one lot, $167,900.

Talismanic Properties LLC to NVR Inc., one lot, $61,000.

Talismanic Properties to NVR Inc., one lot, $61,000.

Cynthia Gallimore, Terry Gallimore to Michael Gallimore, one lot, $235,000.


E.L. Lavy and Sons, Everett Lavy, Lonnie Lavy, Lowell Lavy, Lynn Lavy to A. Sue Flory, Jason Flory, Julie Flory, Loren Flory, 1.144 acres, $11,200.


WJH LLC, WJHOH LLC to Emily Debella, one lot, $169,000.


Rosella Boothe Irrevocable Trust, Robert Miller, trustee to Top Knot Woodworking LLC, 1.0 acre, $93,000.


Brenda Sullenberger, Philip Sullenberger to Brenda Sullenberger, Philip Sullenberger, $0.