Continuing the legacy

Riverfront development part of the Hobart family vision

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Leaving a legacy to be enjoyed for generations, Marty Hobart shared his thoughts of how his great-grandfather C.C. Hobart, grandfather Charles C. Hobart and great uncles E.A. and William Sr. Hobart would react to the news that their gifts to the Troy community will be enjoyed for many more years to come.

At Wednesday’s recreation and park board meeting, Hobart shared that he is proud to see the vision of his ancestors’ will continue to thrive for generations yet to come.

On Tuesday, Troy City Council voted unanimously to approve an additional $2.3 million for the Hobart Arena renovation and expansion. The project includes a 24,000-square-foot addition to the north, as well as interior renovation. The additional funding brings the project cost to $9,650,000.

“I’m very proud of my ancestors,” said Hobart on Wednesday. “They had a vision for the community, not only that extends to Hobart Arena, but also to Troy Memorial Stadium and Miami Shores (Golf Course).

They wanted to develop the riverfront … I think this is continuing their legacy, their dream. I think they’d be extremely proud and gratified to see the building still being used — Miami Shores has a lot of golf and all the football being played at Troy Memorial Stadium. All these facilities are being used by the community.

(Hobart Arena has) the concerts and doing things with the Troy Chamber, the indoor soccer, having these games and hockey and the public skating — the public skating is great. So, it’s definitely a huge benefit to the community. I’m very pleased … and extremely gratified.”

On Wednesday, the city of Troy recreation department board also reorganized for the 2016 year tapping Hobart as president.

Tom Dunn was nominated as vice president and Donna Snipes as secretary for the board.

Hobart Arena and recreation department director Ken Siler rattled off a long list of events and programs that are being hosted at the arena this spring. Siler said he was unsure how the recently approved $9.6 million renovation and expansion project will affect participants and attendees.

Siler said the public can check the arena’s website and social media account on Facebook to stay updated on the arena’s schedule should it change once construction crews set-up and begin work in the upcoming weeks.

“We’ll try to continue to make it as accessible as we can,” he said.

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Riverfront development part of the Hobart family vision

By Melanie Yingst

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter @Troydailynews

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter @Troydailynews