Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Bethany Wittenborn, Janae Wittenborn to Bethany Harp, one lot, $123,100.

Debra Svajda, Larry Svajda to Jalissa Bell, Joshua Bell, one lot, 443,6000.

Logan Wise, Megan Wise to Paul Hermann, Waneta Hermann, one lot, $67,000.

Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Maria Padilla, William Padilla to Federal Natioanl Mortgage Association, a part lot, $52,938.79.

Richard Steineman to McMiller Masonry, one lot, $44,000.

3 Gen D LLC to Carolyn Norris, Daniel Norris, one lot, $100,900.

Harlow Builders Inc. to Ashley Jenkins, Jeremiah Jenkins, one lot, $369,000.

Harbor West Land Company to S.M. O’Neal Construction, one lot, $49,900.

Clunk Hoose Co. LPA, attorney in fact, Federal National Mortgage to Crumcline Properties, one lot, $0.

Kassandra Barga, Zachary Barga to Lukas Keiser, one lot, $145,000.

Pierce Business Properties to Ashley Sigler, MItchell SIgler, one lot, $94,100.

Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, RC Franklin Properties to Amanda Falldorf, Dustin Falldorf, one lot, $16,000.


Renee Jones to Dixie Hare, a part lot, $81,500.

Mona Walters, William Walters to Carla Roberts, Danny Roberts, one lot, $118,900.

Susan Wissman to Joel Marks, a part lot, $36,000.

Loretta Grise, Ronald Grise to Rachel Grise, Steven Grise, a part lot, $130,000.

Estate of Helen Pryfogle Robbins, Debora Robbins, executor to Eric Ramos, Melissa Ramos, one lot, $127,000.

Diana Hall, Jeffrey Hall to Amy Fluty, Thomas Fluty, one lot, $136,000.

Estate of Dorothy Robbins, Randy Robbins, executor to Claudia Adams, Randy Adams, onel ot, $115,000.

Ryan Vosler to Corbin Meckstroth, one lot, $120,500.


James Silvers, Patricia Silvers to Glenco Enterprises, a part lot, $50,000.

Cynthia Barhorst, Cynthia Bone, David Bone to Jennifer Behm, Jordan Behm, one lot, $182,500.

Susan Owen, Timothy Owen to Advanced Jones Machinery, a part lot, $267,500.

Arlie Lester, Better Lester to Doneric Properties, one lot, $65,000.

Brenda Bernhold to Jeffrey Bernhold, $0.


Vicki Wackler, trustee to Coffeehouse Realty, a part lot, $42,000.


Inverness Group Inc. to Akwinder Khattra, Palwinder Khattra, two ltos, $242,3000.

Amanda Marquart, Randy Marquart to Christopher Wuest, Lacey Wuest, two lots, $252,000.

Inverness Group Inc. to Ramandeep Garcha, Amandeep Kaur, two lots, $270,600.

Barbara Shroyer Trust to Judith Lee, two lots, $200,000.


Bayview Loan Servicing to Bradley Schaurer, one lot, one part lot, $58,500.

Chrisjo Properties to Stephanie Hiehle, two part lots, $37,000.

A & D Improvements to Denise Swabb, Gary Swabb, a part lot, $12,000.

Debra Blackburn, attorney in fact, Helen Blackburn to Your Space, one lot, $82,000.


Breanne Kingrey, Shane Kingrey to Beth Maxson, a part lot, $136,000.


Stony Brook Estates to Michael Brown, Wanda Brown, Harlow Builders Inc., one lot, $65,900.

Easaw Thomas, Susy Thomas to Easaw Thomas, Susy Thomas, 118.840 acres, 154,0 acres, $0.

Sean Saddler, Sherry Saddler to Derick Railling, Mandy Railling, one lot, $305,000.

Angela Schulz, Joel Schulz, MacKenzie Schulz to Logan Wise, Megan Wise, one lot, $170,000.

Amber Buschur, Brian Buschur to Joel Smith, Whitney Smith, 6.275 acres, 3.906 acres, $474,000.


Mark Van De Grift, Yvette Van De Grift to Dawn Van De Grift, Matthew Van De Grift, 10.560 acres, $0.


Jodi McIver, attorney in fact, Cynthia Serena to Douglas Dues, Genese Dues, one lot, $170,000.

Kenneth Hattan, Wendy Hattan to Lisa Magee, Paul Magee, 10.289 acres, $370,000.

Marjorie Wells to Marjorie Wells Trust, $0.

Jane Behm, Parker Behm to Sean Saddler, Sherry Saddler, one lot, $387,500.

Team SJ LLC to Linda Ryan, William Ryan, one lot, $215,000.


Virginia Benham Revocable Living Trust, Ruth Caldwell, successor trustee to C. Todd Caldwell, Ruth Caldwell, $0.


Teresa Beougher, Constance Oakes, David Oakes to David Crumpler, one lot, one part lot, $35,000.


Ronald Wright Amended and Restated Revocable Living Trust to Pamela Hull, Timothy Hull, 2.7148 acres, $295,500.

Joel Smith, Whitney Smith to Jesse Hester, Jordan Hester, 4.0 acres, $299,900.

Katherine Taylor, Kevin Taylor to Kayla Roop, Zachary Roop, 1.076 acres, $183,500.

Barbara Elleman to Clarinda Eisenhour, Troy Eisenhour, $227,000.