Greenfire Bistro prepares Thanksgiving meals for families in need

By Matt Clevenger

For Miami Valley Today

TIPP CITY — The staff at Tipp City’s Greenfire Bistro are showing their holiday spirit, donating their time to help local non-profits prepare and deliver free Thanksgiving meals for families in need.

“We will be making the meals in Greenfire Bistro fashion,” owner/executive chef Adam Berning said. “It’s going to be a full Thanksgiving meal, so it’s going to be roasted turkey, green bean casserole, orange cranberry relish, mashed potatoes and rolls.”

“We are making prepared meals to hand out,” he said. “We are partnered with a couple of non-profits that are going to be handing out the meals to families who need a little inspiration for the holidays.”

The meals will be prepared at Greenfire Bistro, then delivered to families by members of several different non-profit groups. “That is being handled through the non-profits, who are keeping families confidential, and they are going to be distributing the meals directly to them.”

Sponsors for the Thanksgiving meals include the Tipp City Needy Basket, Goon Brothers, the food insecurity council, the Health Partners clinic and Life Plus Health and Wellness Center. Organizers are still accepting donations to help pay for additional meals. “A $60 donation will feed a family of four or five,” Berning said. “We have a goal to serve 100 families.”

Donations can be made online through the Greenfire Bistro facebook site, or in person at the restaurant. “They can make donations on facebook, they can mail a donation to the Goon Brothers, or they can visit the Greenfire Bistro,” Berning said. “We are also collecting donations and passing those along to the Goon Brothers as well.”

This is the first year Greenfire Bistro has prepared the free Thanksgiving meals, and the restaurant already plans to improve on the current program next year. “Next year we actually hope to make it completely locally-sourced meals,” Berning said.

“This was brought up by our staff,” Berning said. “That’s probably one of the best things about this; our staff is doing it on their day off. They’re volunteering their time.”

Greenfire Bistro also has several other events coming up, including a meeting with business mentor and guest speaker Jay Shindler. “We have events going on all the time,” Berning said. “We do wine and food pairings here regularly.”

The restaurant will also be hosting a unique guest speaker series. featuring district representative Jenna Powell and Tipp City Mayor Joe Gibson. “We have a community guest series coming up starting in January,” Berning said. “We’re inviting community leaders to be a guest and serve at the restaurant; to either be a host or a bartender, and get to know the community a little bit more.”