Board of Elections certifies results

No race outcomes changed

By Melanie Yingst - Miami Valley Today

MIAMI COUNTY — The Miami County Board of Elections reviewed the results from the Nov. 5 general election and certified the official results on Tuesday.

According to Director Laura Bruns, the outcomes of each race remained unchanged.

According to the official results, 696 absentee ballots were cast, 14,251 votes were cast on Election Day, 1,556 early votes were cast at the Hobart Center for Government and 146 provisional ballots were cast for the Nov. 5 general election.

The board may consider using the Hobart Center again due to the courthouse plaza renovations. Only one issue regarding accessibility during early voting was noted, but employees were able to accommodate the voter and brought a ballot to them since their wheelchair was too wide to gain entry to the room. Other communication issues were noted due to juggling duties between two venues.

Prior to the vote, board member Rob Long asked Bruns and deputy director Ian Ridgeway if they were confident that all votes were accounted for after pre-tests and another public test were performed. Both parties affirmed they were confident in Tuesday’s tabulations.

The board reviewed 70 absentee ballots, 26 provisional ballots, 20 ballots with ID and address issues, eight ballots with no ID, but provided Social Security number verification, and 84 voters who changed their address but did not update their registration. All ballots were checked to ensure the voter hadn’t cast a vote in any other polling location in Ohio, all of which came back clear.

The board reviewed several ballots that were flagged for review due to various reasons. One ballot was rejected due to not signing the envelope, a husband and wife apparently swapped ballots and had mismatched information such as birth dates. Another ballot was rejected due to the voter’s birth month not matching the registration. Bruns said the year may be off, but the birth month and date must match registration.

Two ballots were rejected due to voters going to the wrong precinct to vote.

“Unfortunately, when you are not in the right polling location, your vote does not count,” said Bruns, who said one of the voters had moved to Troy but returned to vote in West Milton, at his prior polling location.

Eight ballots were later approved due to poll workers providing the wrong ballot. Bruns said she would address that issue with additional training in the next election. The error only occurred in a Monroe Township precinct at the Ginghamsburg Church polling location. The ballots were later reviewed and the appropriate votes were accounted for.

One ballot was approved with special circumstances due to being “scrubbed” from the voter rolls. Bruns said voters receive two letters warning of their status. The voter in question happened to reside in the same precinct with a new address and met all guidelines established by Ohio Revised Code.

No race outcomes changed

By Melanie Yingst

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