McCord should remain in office

To the Editor:

We are writing this in support of the re-election of Ed McCord for mayor of Covington.

We do not offer this lightly. We have listened to all sides and truly feel that Ed McCord is the right person. Covington needs updating, but those updates do not happen overnight. We now, under Ed’s leadership, perseverance and guidance, have good things that already been put in place and good things coming. We have $5 million in grants awarded to put towards updates in Covington. We have an uptown that will begin a whole new renovation. Along with that, they have plans to update the basketball courts and put a park in the middle of town. The list goes on.

What we also enjoy is the personable side to his family in the community. They attend sporting events and you can see their support provided to the fire department and police department. They have grandchildren growing up in this community, so they understand the importance of having places for your kids and their parents to visit. They honestly care and understand on a personal side and community side that our town is a great town. Does it need some updating in certain areas? Yes, and that is why Ed has been fighting to get these great things approved and moving forward.

We think to elect someone new would hinder the progress started and in motion by Ed McCord.

Vote for Ed McCord!

— Jason and Nicci Angle