Tipp’s David Dexter is a ‘donor for all seasons’

Provided photo Tipp City donor David Dexter.

Provided photo Tipp City donor David Dexter.

DAYTON — Tipp City’s David Dexter is a donor for all seasons. He’s been donating with Community Blood Center for five decades, and over the last 20 years David could be counted on to give a mix of whole blood, platelet and plasma. His platelet donation on Oct. 18 to mark his 300th lifetime donation.

“I started donating in the ‘70’s, back when they had the steak dinners at the Masonic Lodge,” said David. As a type O positive donor, he is a “universal donor” for all Rh-positive patients. He is also a “baby donor” who tests negative for CMV, the common cytomegalovirus. Hospitals prefer CMV-negative blood for transfusion to infants, children and other immune-deficient patients.

In 1999, “Someone asked me to do apheresis,” David recalled. “I do both. I’ve got to where I’m doing more apheresis than whole blood. They had a slot open for whole blood, I would say ‘OK’ and I’ll get eight weeks rest.”

He made 18 platelets and plasma donations in 2018 before finishing the year with a red cell and platelet combination. His nine donations this year are mixture of whole blood and platelets. “I’ll do whole blood, then apheresis two or three in a row, then whole blood again,” he said.

David started work in the family plumbing business and retired in 2017 after 30 years as a consulting engineer in with firms in Cincinnati and Columbus. David and his wife raised a son and a daughter, but their nine grandchildren are not so evenly divided: “Eight girls and one boy!” he said.

Provided photo Tipp City donor David Dexter.
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