Commissioner reinstated with County Commissioners Association of Ohio

By Sam Wildow - Miami Valley Sunday News

MIAMI COUNTY — Miami County Commissioner Jack Evans was reinstated with the County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO) this week, and Miami County was placed back on “good standing” with the organization, each of which were actions following a special meeting with the CCAO members on Thursday

The Miami County Commissioners received a letter earlier this month informing them that, effective Oct. 7, Miami County and Evans were “no longer in good standing” with the CCAO over an internal struggle between the boards of the CCAO and the County Risk Sharing Authority (CORSA), but that decision has since been reversed.

CORSA is a not-for-profit property and liability risk-sharing pool, which is sponsored by CCAO. CORSA was founded in 1987, and Miami County joined CORSA in 1991. In order for a county to be a member of CORSA, it must also be a member of CCAO.

CORSA provides property and liability coverage, as well as risk management services, to approximately 65 Ohio counties, including Miami County. It is governed by a board of directors made up of county commissioners from member counties. Evans has previously served as the president of the CORSA board twice and has been a member of the board for approximately 15 years.

On Friday, Evans said that he, Miami County, and the eight other CORSA members and their counties were reinstated with the CCAO following a vote of the CCAO members on Thursday.

“The vote was overwhelming,” Evans said on Friday. He said the vote was 46-17 in favor of reinstating the CORSA board members’ good standing and membership with the CCAO. He said it appeared the majority of the members felt the CCAO board had been “improper” in their actions.

The CCAO board had previously declared Evans and the other CORSA board members to be not in “good standing” with the CCAO, making Evans ineligible to participate in CCAO and CORSA activities, including participating in the CCAO meeting on Thursday. The CCAO executive committee’s actions with the CORSA board members followed accusations in a memo that CORSA was looking to expand its business model “beyond county government,” as well as other allegations, which the CORSA board members denied, explaining in another memo that the board of was evaluating alternatives and the terms and conditions of a memorandum of understanding with the CCAO. Evans previously stated he was not present for those discussions.

Evans is now reinstated, retroactive to when he first received notice that he was not in good standing with the CCAO.

In other news:

Due to the CCAO meeting on Thursday, the commissioners’ canceled their regular Thursday meeting and held a special meeting on Friday.

On Friday, the commissioners approved a change order with Aero-Mark Company, LLC for the Miami County Engineer’s 2019 line striping program. The cost of the project went down by approximately $8,752 to a total amount of approximately $176,828. The change order reflected a change in quantities of materials for the program.

The commissioners then authorized a change order with Barrett Paving Materials, Inc, for the Ross Road resurfacing project. The change order reflected a deduction of approximately $798, with the total contract now being approximately $336,732. This was also a change in quantities of materials for the project.

Following that, the commissioners later authorized the purchase of a Microsoft SQL Server 2017 for the Miami County Recorder. The cost is not to $5,190, and the purchase will be from MNJ Technologies Direct, Inc. of Buffalo Grove, Ill. This purchase is replacing a previous server for the department.

The commissioners also approved the Miami County Visitors & Convention Bureau 2020 budget. Leiann Stewart, executive director for the bureau, spoke with the commissioners about the 2020 budget on Tuesday. The bureau’s total 2020 operating budget is approximately $485,400. The bureau’s lodging tax revenue was budgeted at $440,000 for 2019 and $465,000 for 2020.

By Sam Wildow

Miami Valley Sunday News

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Reach Sam Wildow at ©2019 Miami Valley Sunday News, all rights reserved.