Tipp home damaged in attic fire

Resident escapes home safely

Staff report

TIPP CITY — A Tipp City home received substantial damage Wednesday night following an attic fire.

At 11:45 p.m. Wednesday, the Tipp City Fire & EMS Department was notified of a fire venting through the roof in an occupied structure at 540 Horton Ave., Tipp City, according to a release from Chief of Emergency Services Cameron Haller.

Firefighters and EMS units were dispatched to the fire. The EMS supervisor was the first Tipp City unit on the scene with fire units arriving shortly thereafter. The EMS supervisor reported fire and smoke showing from the roof at the rear of the structure, where an attic fire was discovered by firefighters at the area of origin, according to Haller.

Personnel attacked the fire, according to Haller, quickly making their way to the second floor and pulling ceiling to expose and extinguish the attic fire. Other personnel did search and ventilation duties.

Haller said the occupant of the residence was notified by an alert neighbor, who called 9-1-1. The smoke detectors did not alarm in this case due to the fire being in the attic. The homeowner immediately evacuated the residence.

“The neighbor’s actions assisted in a quick response and life safety of the homeowner,” Haller said.

He said the cause of the attic fire is considered to be unintentional with the most probable cause being electric in nature. The only heat source in the area origin was a thermostat for an attic fan. The Tipp City Electric Department disconnected electric service to the home. The homeowner was displaced by the fire.

The estimated loss to the structure is $35,000 and $5,000 to the contents, Haller said.

Resident escapes home safely