ME foundation releases grant funding

CASSTOWN — The Miami East Education Foundation Fund, a fund of The Troy Foundation, provides grants for programs and activities of the Miami East School District. In August, the committee reviewed and awarded grants submitted by the school personnel at Miami East Local Schools.

At the elementary school, as a continuation of the Viking Way program, grant funds of $1,369 will allow the purchase of new playground signs, which describe expected playground behaviors for all students. Additionally, grant funding will help cover the cost of incentives and prizes for students and any assembly related costs that will celebrate positive student behavior and character.

The fourth grade will have nine new microscopes to help them study a variety of life science topics through a $1,200 grant. A Response to Intervention (RTI) Book Room, with a $500 grant, will be implemented in order to provide interventions based upon student needs to increase academic growth and achievement by providing leveled materials and books appropriate for the students. The RTI Book Room will help with early identification of student skill deficits as young readers work in groups with teachers and Title I teachers provide additional support.

Every third-grade student will enjoy a total of 13 sets of write and wipe lapboards with a grant of $439.66. The lapboards will assist teachers in assessing students’ skills and content and help them review classroom material. The lapboards will allow children the opportunity to provide non-verbal answers as well as show their thinking process.

The Miami East Education Foundation funded a program, in the amount of $200, to assist students receiving special education services. This program will help improve skills such as expected behaviors in the classroom and school environments, zones of regulation, size of problem and appropriate responses to social situations.

Lastly, the Stride and Stride Too Program was awarded $850 in order to institute lessons which are designed to enrich character building. Students will participate in two meetings per week for a period of 90 minutes for 10 weeks. The program encourages physical fitness while also teaching success, teamwork, respect, inspiration and determination.

The junior high FUNctional Fun program, which supports the Miami East Junior High Special Education class, was awarded a grant in the amount of $450. The funds will be used to build confidence, practice every day social and functional skills, grow relationships and support transitional goals for adult success. A friend dessert bar ($50), lunch out ($120) and learning to sew ($160) are the three projects the funds would support. Friend dessert bar teaches money and budgeting skills, social skills, cooking skills and cleaning skills. Lunch out includes money and budgeting skills, social skills and time management. Learning to sew teaches students how to sew buttons and make basic repairs, understand and use a sewing machine and follow directions.

At the high school, a beef fabrication practice DVD was purchased to benefit the Meats Evaluation Team at the cost of $86.90. This DVD will assist junior high and high school members of the Meats Evaluation Team to see the fabrication of a carcass in order to understand what retail cut comes from which wholesale cut and which wholesale cut comes from various parts on the beef carcass.

Twenty-five high school students in the Anatomy & Physiology class will have the opportunity to attend a field trip to Wright State University to participate in a hands-on experience with human organs and cadavers. MEEF funded $250 towards this field trip.

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