Tipp considering railroad overpass

By Cecilia Fox

For Miami Valley Today

TIPP CITY — Tipp City is considering the construction of a railroad overpass, which could be located on Park Avenue and could cost about $9 million.

Representatives from CT Consulting, a Dayton-based company, showed council a model of an overpass on Park Avenue Monday night. The proposed overpass that would have 24 feet of vertical clearance and a grade of 8 or 9 percent, CT Consultants project manager Joe Espelage said.

The design Espelage showed council could cut off Fifth Street and some driveways and could cost about $9 million.

Council directed City Manager Tim Eggleston to start discussions with property owners in the area that would be affected. Eggleston said the city has not started working on funding options for the proposed project, adding that the city would need a preliminary design and to reach out to residents first.

“Your next step, if council decides to look at this, is probably to start a citizens’ group for those people in the area to say, ‘Hey, this is what we’re looking at,’” Eggleston said. “It would be a huge impact to them in that area.”

Councilman Tom Merritt asked Eggleston what recent projects the city has tackled in the same price range. Eggleston compared it to the $7 million spent widening a portion of County Road 25-A.

Councilman John Kessler said he thinks the project is necessary to the “overall health, wellbeing and safety” of the city’s residents. Kessler argued that an overpass would keep part of the city from being cut off from emergency services by a train.

“This overpass at $9 million affects between a third and a quarter of the population of the town,” he said. “Long term, I think it’s a small cost.”

Council President Katelyn Berbach said she doesn’t see this project as a $9 million priority for the city, arguing that there have not been trains long enough to cut off part of the city from fire or emergency medical services.