Sheriff’s Office awarded traffic safety enforcement grant for 15th year

For the Miami Valley Today

MIAMI COUNTY — The Miami County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce they have been awarded a traffic enforcement grant for fiscal year 2020. This will mark the 15th consecutive year the Sheriff’s Office has been awarded federal funding for traffic enforcement throughout the county.

The funds are administered by the Ohio Traffic Safety Office. The Sheriff’s Office was awarded a total of $66,179.92 to be expended solely on overtime for extra traffic enforcement and some fuel costs. A total of 1100 man hours will be spent on extra traffic enforcement throughout the upcoming year.

The goal of the extra traffic enforcement is to reduce the number of fatal and injury crashes on Miami County roadways and increase restraint usage along with removing impaired drivers. Deputies will be strictly enforcing all of Ohio’s traffic statutes with special emphasis on removing impaired drivers and seatbelt enforcement while working the grant details.

Most of the extra traffic enforcement details will be assigned during holidays when vehicular travel increases, as well as increased instances of drinking and driving. By having extra traffic patrols, it will also enable deputies to be available to offer roadside assistance to motorists and deter crime by the increased presence of additional deputies on Miami County roadways.

Deputies will be working a total of 40 overtime hours during the upcoming school homecoming events along with 32 hours for the upcoming Halloween holiday.

For the Miami Valley Today