Tipp BOE seeks input through survey

Results will gauge support for construction bond issue

TIPP CITY — On Monday, the Tipp City Board of Education voted to move forward with a community survey to gauge voter support for a school construction bond issue.

The board approved spending up to $20,000 on the voter opinion survey, which will gather community reactions to the district’s proposed construction plan and ask whether or not the district should accept state funding, among other questions. Superintendent Gretta Kumpf said the resolution approved by the board would provide financial support for a community survey, including “a community outreach with a facilitator group.”

According to Kumpf, the district has narrowed it to three vendors for the service. She added that the vendors estimate that they could survey the community and present the board with the results in 60 to 90 days.

Board members Corine Doll and Sam Spano voted against the survey. Doll expressed concerns that the results would not be available soon enough for the board to review them before voting to place a bond issue on the ballot. Treasurer

Dave Stevens said the board would need to vote Nov. 18 to be able to put a bond issue on the March ballot. District Communications Coordinator Liz Robbins said the process would begin in September and be concluded no later than Nov. 15.

“I’m not against a survey, I just think that if we say we’re going to do a survey, we’re basically saying we’re not going to be on the ballot until next November,” Doll said. “If we are going to go in March, I don’t think a survey would be relevant to making those choices.”

Spano said he is committed to a March ballot timeline.

“We were 200 votes away, we’ve got a little work to do to get that done and find those other 200 votes,” Spano said. “This district needs new buildings.”

Board member Theresa Dunaway, who voted in favor of the survey, said she preferred to have as much information as possible before asking voters to support a construction plan.

Results will gauge support for construction bond issue