Edison State adjunct faculty honored at banquet

For the Miami Valley Sunday News

MIAMI VALLEY — Fourteen employees were recognized for instructing a combined total of 2,925 semester hours or approximately 975 classes in their careers at Edison State Community College’s annual adjunct faculty recognition banquet on Wednesday, Aug. 21.

Greg Clem, president of Academic Senate and Education Associate Professor of Fine Arts, served as the event’s Master of Ceremonies, and Dr. Doreen Larson, president of Edison State, provided a keynote address and presented honorees with gifts.

“I wonder what motivates each of you to be adjunct instructors. Certainly, you want to contribute to Edison State, but I also know that is not your critical motivation. As I reflected on that, I realized that it comes down to one word, and that word is passion,” said Larson. “You’re passionate about the subject matter you’re teaching. Many of you have other careers during the day that are then brought into the classroom. You have a passion for that career, and you want students to ignite an interest in that career and find success.”

“I would like to thank you on behalf of the Edison State students and the difference that you make in their lives,” added Larson.

When it came time to honor Larry Rich, who has taught 750 hours or approximately 250 classes, the audience cheered. Students in Rich’s classes provided positive comments about their experience with him.

“Mr. Rich is a great instructor, and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you for being a great teacher,” one student said.

Another student stated, “Mr. Rich is the best language teacher I’ve ever had.”

Adjunct faculty hours accrue by the number of credit hours in each class taught. Each class taught is typically worth three credit hours.

The following employees were recognized for reaching significant milestones in their careers at Edison State:

• 750 hours: Larry Rich, humanities/French

• 600 hours: Theresa Grilliot, math

• 300 hours: Marcia Youtz, psychology/social services

• 225 hours: Carin Benning, sociology; Christopher Calhoun, English; Michael Houser, humanities/computer information technology

• 150 hours: Keith Barga, electronics engineering; Nahreen Rahman, economics

• 75 hours: Craig Gilbert, communication; Fred Kingrey, geology; Richard Monnin, philosophy; Brian Olson, biology; Arnold Streitenberger, business/computer information systems; Frank Travers, arts/humanities

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