OAGC Fair Flower Show awards

• Horticulture Awards:

Queen of Show: best rose — R. Smith, Hybrid Tea

Miniature Queen of Show: best miniature rose — Jill Ventura

Princess of Show: best Horticulture Specimen — Anita Brown, Foliage

Green Thumb Award — Barry VanKirk, Potted Lemon Tree

Artistic Awards:

Best of Show, Traditional — Barry Van Kirk

Best of Show, Modern — Sandy Fisher

Best of Show, Miniature — Jen Garvic

Award of Distinction — Jen Garvic

Best of Show, Junior, Traditional — Alex Garvic

Best of Show, Junior, Modern — Alex Garvic

Class — First — Second — Third

Roses-Hybrid Tea — R. Smith, R. Smith, R. Smith

Floribunda or Grandiflora — R. Smith, R. Smith, R. Smith

Old Garden Roses — R. Smith

Knockout Roses — Carol McDonald

Miniature, one rose bloom — Jill Ventura, Carol McDonald, R. Smith

Miniature, rose spray — Jill Ventura

Zinnia, Giant cactus or dahlia types-a — Carol McDonald, Carol McDonald, Carol McDonald

Zinnia-b — Carol McDonald, Carol McDonald, Carol McDonald

Zinnia-c — Carol McDonald, Carol McDonald, Carol McDonald

Zinnia, Medium — Barry VanKirk, Pat Hornberger, Pat Hornberger

Zinnia, small 3 blooms — Barry VanKirk, Four Seasons Garden Club

Marigold, semi or fully double — Barry VanKirk, Jill Ventura, Barry VanKirk

Marigold, small spray form — Jen Garvic, Anita Brown, Barry VanKirk

Coleus — Pat South, Barry VanKirk, Amanda Yingst

Sunflower-a — Pat Hornberger, Pat Hornberger, Jill Ventura

Sunflower-b — Barry VanKirk, Pat Hornberger

True Lilies — Barry VanKirk, Anita Brown

Other “Lily” — Anita Brown

Rudbeckia, single bloom — Carol McDonald, Jen Garvic, Pat Hornberger

Rudbeckia, spray — Ruth Bowell, Jen Garvic

Echinacea — Pat South, Carol McDonald

Dahlia, medium to small — Jill Ventura

Hydrangea, round form — Pat South, Pat South

Hydrangea, Paniculata — Gloria Parker, Pat South, Susan Walters

Flowering Shrub — Jill Ventura, Carol McDonald, Jill Ventura

Round form flower — Carol McDonald, Carol McDonald, Carol McDonald

Spike form flower — Anita Brown, Ruth Bowell, Carol McDonald

Spray form flower-a — Ruth Bowell, Carol McDonald, Ruth Bowell

Spray form flower-b — Anita Brown, Carol McDonald, Carol McDonald

Spray form flower-c — Jill Ventura, Ruth Bowell, Ruth Bowell

Annual Herbs—Basil — Jen Garvic, Amanda Yingst

Annual Herbs—dill — Barry VanKirk

Annual Herbs—Parsley — Anita Brown, Anita Brown

Annual Herbs—Rosemary — Anita Brown, Amanda Yingst

Perennial Herbs—lavender — Gloria Parker, Amanda Yingst

Perennial Herbs-Oregano — Barry VanKirk, Gloria Parker, Amanda Yingst

Perennial Herbs-Sage — Barry VanKirk, Jen Garvic, Amanda Yingst

Perennial Herbs-Thyme — Anita Brown

Perennial Herbs -other herb — Sandy Fisher, Marcia Hafer, Marcia Hafer

Hosta-small — Barry VanKirk, Barry VanKirk, Jen Garvic

Hosta-medium — Jen Garvic, Anita Brown, Anita Brown

Hosta-Large — Jen Garvic

Ornamental Grass-small — Barry VanKirk

Ornamental Grass-medium — Ruth Bowell

Ornamental Grass-large — Anita Brown, Pat Hornberger

Other Foliage- a — Anita Brown, Anita Brown, Marcia Hafer

Other Foliage- b — Sandy Fisher, Jill Ventura, Anita Brown

Terrarium — Barry VanKirk, Amanda Yingst

Potted Fruit or Vegetable — Barry VanKirk, Marcia Hafer, Alice Watkins

63, “Clown”—design in a shoe — Barry VanKirk, Sandy Fisher

64, “Trapeze”-hanging design — Sandy Fisher, Jen Garvic, Gloria Parker

65a, “Buttered Popcorn” white and yellow design-novice — Susan Walters, Barry VanKirk

65b, “Buttered Popcorn” white and yellow design-advanced — Sandy Fisher, Jen Garvic

66, “Stilt Walker”-vertical design — Jen Garvic, Sandy Fisher

68, “Flea Circus” -design 3” or less overall — Jen Garvic, Anita Brown, Amanda Yingst

• Junior Artistic Exhibits

69, “Lion”-12 and younger — Noah Garvic, Alex Garvic

71, “Parade/Train”-12 and younger — Alex Garvic, Noah Garvic