Former mayor wins baking award

Hale takes Baker’s Delight honors

Staff Report

TROY — The former mayor of Tipp City took the Baker’s Delight award at this year’s Miami County Fair.

In order to win the award, Pat Hale had to enter a minimum of five entries across five divisions in the Art Hall. The person who qualifies in all the correct categories and garners the most points, wins the annual award.

Hale said he learned to bake from his sister, PJ Berry, who passed away.

“She got me baking — this is in honor of her,” said Hale, holding his plaque proudly.

While cheesecakes, including his infamous Milky Way cheesecake, are his favorite to bake, he said he also enjoyed stepping out of his comfort zone to make items like candy to win the award.

Hale, who has been married to his wife Pamela and has two adult children, said he has wanted to try for the award for a few years.

“I might do this again, too, I like trying new things,” Hale said.
Hale takes Baker’s Delight honors