Demolition derby to be bigger event

By Matt Clevenger

For Miami Valley Today

TROY — It’s been several years, but the demolition derby is finally back at the Miami County Fair.

“It had been gone for about six years, and was re-introduced last year with a smaller promoted show on Thursday night,” Miamk County Agricultural Society President Nick Shellenbarger said of the derby. “This year we’ve gone with Smash-It Demolition Derbies, it’s a little bigger promoter, and we’ve moved the show to Wednesday night.”

This year, the demolition derby will be held at 7 pm. Wednesday, Aug. 14. Organizers are hoping to have at least 50 cars participating.

“We don’t know until the day of,” Shellenbarger said. “We’re hoping to get a car count of over 50.”

Smash-It Demolition Derbies offers a unique contest for drivers that allows them to collect points driving at several local fairs.

“We’ve entered into their I-75 challenge, which is a competition where the drivers can earn points through the Montgomery County Fair, the Shelby County Fair, the Auglaize County Fair, the Miami County Fair and then it finishes up at the Allen County Fair.

“There’s a large cash prize at the end for whoever scores the most points from those fairs combined; that’s an incentive to pull in more drivers to compete for that money, so we get a little bigger show from it,” Shellenbarger said.

Wednesday is also eterans’ Day and Senior Citizens’ Day at the fair, and in addition to discounts there will also be a special program honoring veterans starting at 5 p.m.

“That is also our Veterans’ and Denior Citizens’ Day, and we are going to have a program before the demolition derby to honor the veterans,” Shellenbarger said. “That’s going to start at 5 o’clock.”

“We have a Miami County Marine, Mr. Ron Duncan, who will be presenting Taps on the bugle at the end of that program,” he said. “Ron is the gentleman who performs Taps at the beginning of the Indianapolis 500 every year.”