New animal shelter manager announced

By Sam Wildow - Miami Valley Today

MIAMI COUNTY — The Board of Miami County Commissioners announced on Wednesday that Morgan Howard will be the new manager for the Miami County Animal Shelter, which will be effective on Aug. 10.

Howard, a lifelong resident of Miami County, has over five years of experience as an animal control officer and is currently an animal control officer at the Miami County Animal Shelter.

“The Board of Commissioners is extremely pleased to have someone with Ms. Howard’s experience, compassion, and dedication,” Commissioner Ted Mercer said following the commissioners’ worksession on Wednesday. “The Miami County Animal Shelter has a strong team in place, including Deputy Fraley from the sheriff’s office and our current animal control staff. Ms. Howard’s leadership and credible experience in both animal control staff services and shelter operations will position Miami County well into the future.”

This appointment is following the resignation of the previous animal shelter manager, Kandice Kriebel, which was effective May 22.

In other news:

Miami County Sheriff Dave Duchak and Captain Dave Norman gave their recommendations for article X-ray machines for the upcoming safety improvements for the Miami County Safety Building and the Miami County Courthouse.

Duchak said his staff visited several courts and several sheriffs’ offices as part of their research into X-ray machines to be used at safety checkpoints for the public to go through at the Safety Building and the old courthouse, and they are recommending going with Rapiscan, out of Sylvania, due to the system’s functionality. The initial quote for those x-ray machines is approximately $20,975 each, but Duchak said he expected the cost to be reduced by approximately $750 per machine as they will not need some of the equipment included in the inital quote.

The X-ray machines will be used to process bags, purses, briefcases, and other items that would need searched when the public would enter either the old courthouse or the Safety Building. In addition to X-ray machines, the county’s metal detectors would be moved to those lobbies for the public to walk through when entering those buildings. There would also be additional personnel, cameras, alarms, hardwire, phone lines, and work stations that would come with those checkpoints.

If the county puts an order in for the Rapiscan machines, Duchak said they could expect the equipment to arrive after six to eight weeks. The commissioners have not yet approved the purchase.

The county is also currently waiting on the vendor for the security cameras, Enervise, to add additional cameras for the checkpoints. It is unclear when that work will be completed.

“From a personnel standpoint, we’re ready to go,” Duchak said.

Duchak said they expect the safety checkpoints to be in place after the Nov. 5 general election so the safety checkpoints do not impact early voting. He added that if they did have safety checkpoints in place, there could be certain measures they could put in place to minimize their impact on early voting, such as putting up temporary barriers that would direct voters to the Board of Elections office and the voters would not get screened.

By Sam Wildow

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Reach Sam Wildow at ©2019 Miami Valley Today, all rights reserved.

Reach Sam Wildow at ©2019 Miami Valley Today, all rights reserved.