Bids in for Ross Road project

Reconstruction project received state funding

By Sam Wildow - Miami Valley Today

MIAMI COUNTY — The Board of Miami County Commissioners opened bids for the Ross Road reconstruction project, as well as signed an agreement for grant funding for the project, during their meeting on Tuesday morning.

Barrett Paving Materials, Inc. of Middletown was the apparent low-bidder for the Ross Road reconstruction project with a bid of approximately $337,531. John R. Jurgensen Company of Springfield also submitted a bid of $342,989, and Wagner Paving of Laura submitted a bid of $369,121. The engineer’s estimate for the project was $350,000. The commissioners have not yet awarded this project.

The Ross Road reconstruction project is also receiving funding from the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) in the amount of $252,000. The commissioners signed an OPWC project grant agreement for that funding during their meeting. The Ross Road reconstruction will take place on Ross Road between State Route 201 and State Route 202.

Following that, Miami County Engineer Paul Huelskamp said his department was able to secure additional funding for the Croft Mill Road Bridge replacement project, making the project 100 percent federally funded. The project was previously funded by 80 percent federal funds and 20 percent local funds, but the engineer’s office was able to get the state to fund the 20 percent of local funds with their annual budget. The commissioners authorized an amendment to the Federal Local-Let Agreement for the construction of that bridge replacement project to reflect that change.

In other news:

The commissioners began their meeting on Tuesday by holding an executive session to discuss personnel and employee discipline. No action was taken.

During their general session, the commissioners established a Board of Elections grant fund, beginning with a one-time grant of $50,000. This will be used to comply with a directive from the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office to address critical security requirements identified in the Elections Infrastructure Security Assessment (EISA) and the Technical Security Document.

The commissioners then authorized the purchase of a uninterruptable power supply from GovConnection, Inc. for the Job and Family Services Building. This uninterruptable power supply will be used in the data center room at the Job and Family Services Building to provide temporary power in the event of an outage to keep systems running while the emergency generator comes online, Commissioners Administrator Leigh Williams said. This unit will be utilized by the entire campus on County Road 25-A. The cost is not to exceed approximately $4,332.

Following that, the commissioners authorized the purchase of environmental monitoring equipment from SHI for data centers in the Hobart Center, the Incarceration Facility, and the Job and Family Services Building. Matt Watkins from the Miami County IT Department explained that this equipment will allow them to monitor conditions surrounding county servers and network systems — such as room temperature, humidity levels, and potential flooding — in order to prevent damage from occurring to those systems.

“It’s an early warning system for us,” Watkins said.

Later during their meeting, the commissioners also adopted the 2019 Miami County Emergency Operations Plan, which was updated to reflect the current sitting commissioners.

Following that, the commissioners authorized the improvement project for the Miami County Sheriff’s impound lot, which will be completed by Bolner Enterprises of Laura. Williams said the project will include the removal and disposal of existing gravel and soil material, excavuation work for the new gravel base, and placing and compacting aggregate material for the new surface. The cost is not to exceed $11,665.

The commissioners then authorized the purchase and installation of a new ice machine for a break room in the county’s Hobart Center. The purchase will be from Scotsman Mid-Ohio of Dayton at a cost not to exceed $7,621.

The commissioners also authorized contract updates to the cost of Medicaid transportation for Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) services. Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) is a statewide program for Medicaid eligible clients to provide transportation to and from Medicaid approved medical appointments. Job and Family Services administers the program and contracts with Miami County Transit to provide the transportation. The unit cost for the rides was updated to $31.12, as well as for Job and Family Services’ Title XX services contract and their Prevention, Retention, and Contingency (PRC) program services contract with Miami County Transit.

The commissioners authorized design services, bidding-related services, and construction-related services for the Brandt Water Tower painting and upgrades project with Strand Associates, Inc. of Cincinnati. This project includes the painting of the interior and exterior of the water tower, as well as the additional application of cathodic protection and installation of a mixer control system to extend the life of the tower.

Reconstruction project received state funding

By Sam Wildow

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