CIC requests city make repairs to marina

Smith’s Boathouse cites three building issues

By Melanie Yingst - Miami Valley Today

TROY — During a special meeting on Monday, the Community Improvement Corp. voted 9-2 to request the city of Troy to gather estimates and pay for requested repairs to the Treasure Island marina, which houses Smith’s Boathouse restaurant.

Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington and Troy Development Director Jim Dando voted “No” after a requested roll call for action.

The following members voted in favor for the request: Kathy Vukovic, council member Bobby Phillips, council member Tom Kendall, city auditor John Frigge, Mayor Michael Beamish, President of Council Marty Baker, Mark Douglas, Arthur “Ozzie” Haddad and Chairman Bill Lukens.

Smith’s Boathouse owner Larry Smith explained three issues with the building, which the city of Troy owns and the CIC serves as a leasing agent.

Smith said tiles in the kitchen area are cracking due to subfloor issues. Smith said there were areas of the subfloor that are rotted. Smith said he was written up by the health department for the cracked tiles in November 2018. The kitchen area was not part of the $1 million renovation project in 2016. Another issue is the heat tape and two of three breakers are not functioning, causing pipes to freeze last winter. Smith said the breakers are still not functioning properly.

Smith also said water continues to leach into the garage door area in spite of a floor drain installed. Smith said an employee slipped and fell due to the issue.

“I just feel like these are not my problems. I understand routine maintenance and fix what I break and paint, things like that,” Smith said.

Titterington argued throughout the meeting the issues were maintenance issues for which Smith was responsible for repairs and signed the lease accepting the building “as is.”

Treasurer Mark Douglas requested the repairs be made to the CIC’s satisfaction in a “usable and corrected condition.” The next step is for the city to obtain estimates for the repairs, take a report to council about what the CIC requested and allow council to take action on how to proceed.

Titterington said it was the third season since the restaurant has been opened and Smith should be responsible for the repairs. Smith argued the wiring for the breakers, for example, was not done properly according to his contracted workers.

Titterington said the building was inspected prior to Smith’s occupancy and part of the lease agreement was the building was to be accepted “as is” once the lease was signed. Later, Titterington said the city engineer’s office has several estimates for the floor issues ranging from $20,000 to $27,000, but have not obtained estimates for the other two problems.

Chairman of the CIC Bill Lukens said Larry Smith has an asset with Smith’s Boathouse and the city has an obligation to make the repairs.

Lukens asked how much money the CIC had on hand, which was estimated by Dando at $28,000.

Mayor Michael Beamish said Smith is a “great corporate citizen” of Troy and has been current on its payments. Beamish said anything done to the building adds to the property investment and would be a permanent asset to the facility

“I’m inclined to support the request to get us up to speed where we all feel good,” Beamish said.

After discussion and various members comments regarding the issue and the vote, the CIC adjourned.

Smith’s Boathouse cites three building issues

By Melanie Yingst

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