Miami East officials address rumors of high school threat

Deputies assist on campus; source of rumor has not been confirmed

By Melanie Yingst -

CASSTOWN — On Thursday, Miami East Local Schools Superintendent Dr. Todd Rappold said more than 75 high school students have been questioned by Miami County Sheriff’s Office officials and by school administration about rumors of a threat to occur at the high school on Friday.

Rappold said the initial report was made Tuesday around 1 p.m. The rumor being addressed was that a 15-year-old male high school student had made an alleged threat to occur at the high school to be carried out on Friday. Rappold said 75 students and approximately 100 parents were questioned, but school officials have yet to pinpoint the original source of the threat as of Thursday morning.

According to a Miami County Sheriff’s Office report, the deputy noted that the investigation was found to be “hear say,” and “there is no evidence or anyone who heard the subject say this direct.” The report also stated deputies would be on site through the rest of the week during school hours.

The sheriff’s office report also noted that the 15-year-old student who was accused of making the comment will not be returning for the rest of the week. Rappold said the student who was involved in the investigation voluntarily stayed home on Thursday despite denying a threat was ever made.

Dr. Rappold said the district sent out two One Call Now alerts to the high school on Tuesday and one to the elementary and junior high school on Wednesday to reassure parents that the district was taking the issue seriously.

“We can’t find any credence to the rumor at all. Deputies were out here yesterday. Deputies were out here again today. Deputies will be out here tomorrow. I can’t stress more how serious we’ve obviously taken it, but at this point we’ve found no evidence to support the rumor that there’s going to be a threat made tomorrow,” Dr. Rappold said. “No one heard anyone make a threat. No one saw a threat being written. No one saw a threat being posted. We have heard it was made in a classroom, in the lunchroom, on a school bus. We’ve interviewed everybody.”

Dr. Rappold said he requested any and all information regarding this issue to be relayed to the district as soon as possible.

Dr. Rappold said Miami County Sheriff’s Office officials will continue to monitor the campus through the remainder of the school session, which closes for Christmas break on Friday.

Deputies assist on campus; source of rumor has not been confirmed

By Melanie Yingst