Restaurant Inspections

Inspections provided by Miami County Public Health Department

May 17

• End Zone Sports Lounge, 601 E. Broadway St., Covington — Repeat: Handwashing sink water below 100 degrees. Observed both men’s and women’s hand sinks were not able to provide water of at least 100 degrees for hand washing.

Repeat: Observed paper towels and toilet paper stored in the closet by the restrooms. This closet has a large amount of cobwebs and dust/dirt accumulation hanging from the ceiling and the paper towels and toilet paper are stored uncovered and unprotected.

Critical Repeat: No air gap or approved backflow prevention device on the plumbing system. No backflow preventer installed on facility.

Repeat: Floors, walls, and/or ceilings not smooth and easily cleanable. Observed acoustic ceiling tiles in the kitchen above the pizza prep top cooler and prep table. This ceiling tiles need to be switched out for vinyl clad ceiling tiles that are smooth and easily cleanable.

Repeat: Facility not maintained clean.Observed dust accumulation under/behind most of the fixed equipment in the facility. Facility needs to increase cleaning frequency under/behind fixed equipment and shelving and in corners and nooks/crannies.

Repeat: Food Service Operation did not have a person in charge per shift with level one certification in food protection. Observed no Level 1 Food Safety Certification in facility.

May 18

• The Crazy Redhead Canteen LLC, 1139 Sterling Dr., Troy — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

• Buckeye Burgers, 270 Prek Ave., West Milton — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

• Lilia’s Outside Cafe, 823 Maplecrest Dr., Troy — Corrected During Inspection: Employee eating, drinking or using tobacco in non-designated area. Observed employee eating in mobile. Employee left mobile to eat.

May 20

• Casey’s General Store No. 3588, 1981 Donn Davis Way, Tipp City — Corrected During Inspection, Critical: Equipment and/or utensils improper construction. Observed non-food-grade containers used to store food items. Observed donut frosting stored in Sterilite containers, and also spices and dry goods stored in Sterilite containers. Person In Charge was able to replace these containers with food grade containers.

No sanitizer test kit available. Observed no quaternary ammonia testing strips in facility.

• Miami East High School, 3925 N. St. Rte. 589, Casstown — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

• Miami East K-8 School, Casstown — Corrected During Inspection, Critical: Presence of live insects, rodents and other pests. Observed mouse droppings in the dry storage room, in the corners under shelving, and on trays where dry goods and coffee cups for staff were stored. Person In Charge was able to clean these items and pick up mouse droppings.

May 21

Tipp City Middle School, 555 N. Hyatt St., Tipp City — Corrected During Inspection, Critical: Food not properly protected from contamination by separation, packaging, and segregation. Observed raw shell eggs stored over vegetables in the walk in cooler. Person In Charge was able to move raw shell eggs to bottom shelf in walk in cooler, below vegetables.

• Nevin Coppock Elementary School, 525 N. Hyatt St., Tipp City — Handwashing sink water below 100 degrees. Observed the employee restroom hand sink in the kitchen was not able to reach 100F for hand washing. Ninety-three degrees was the highest temperature observed after letting the sink run for over 5 minutes.

Corrected During Inspection, Critical: Improper use of a poisonous or toxic substance. Observed aerosol can of roach/insect killer. Person In Charge stated they use it inside facility around the baseboards. Person In Charge was informed that only a licensed pest control applicator can apply pesticide in a food service operation. Person In Charge discarded pesticide at time of inspection.

Outer opening not protected. Observed the back door of the kitchen was not tight fitting. The metal door is rusting away at the bottom and substantial gaps exist when the door is shut where light can be seen.

• Y’All’s Country Club — Repeat: The ice in the bar area was observed being stored in an open sink. Install a closable ice bin.

Critical Repeat: At the time of inspection, the establishment was without backflow prevention. Consult a licensed plumber and have a backflow preventer installed and certified. Once completed, ensure it is inspected by Miami County Public Health.

• Troy Junior High School, 556 N. Adams St., Troy — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

• LT Ball Intermediate School, 575 N. Hyatt St., Tipp City — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

May 22

Arby’s No. 6618, 17 Weller Dr., Tipp City —Critical: Equipment food-contact surfaces or utensils are unclean. Observed mold growth on the inside of the ice machine. Increase cleaning frequency to prevent these accumulations.

Fixed equipment not properly sealed or spaced for cleaning. Observed 3 compartment sink needs to be resealed to the wall in a few spots.

Cutting blocks or boards cannot be effectively cleaned and sanitized. Observed cutting board on the prep top table in kitchen is deeply scored and stained and needs to be resurfaced or replaced.

Unclean nonfood-contact surfaces. Observed residual food debris build up on the shelving above the 3 compartment sink where clean dishes are stored.

Plumbing system not properly maintained or repaired. Observed leaking faucet at the hand sink in the front of the store by the drive through window.

Critical: Insufficient air gap between the flood rim and the water supply inlet. Observed the air gap on the fountain soda machine was not sufficient to prevent back-siphonage of grey water. Drain lines need to be out of drain funnel.

Facility not maintained clean. Observed the walk in cooler and freezer floors were soiled with residual food build-up. Increase cleaning frequency to prevent these accumulations.