Piqua City Commission to consider end of year items on agenda

By Sam Wildow - swildow@aimmedianetwork.com

PIQUA — With 25 items on the agenda, the last meeting of the Piqua City Commission for the year of 2015 will be a full one.

Returning to old business, the commission will hear the second and third readings of ordinances that update their municipal income tax code during their meeting Tuesday evening.

The amount of the city’s income tax is not up for debate. However, as a result of the passing of Substitute House Bill 5 in December 2014, the state is requiring more uniformity among municipalities’ income tax codes, as well as the requirement of a net operating loss carryforward.

According to Director of Finance Cynthia Holtzapple, the city currently does not have a net operating loss carryforward. The tax reform within Substitute HB5 means that a corporate or an LLC business that experiences a loss one year could spread the amount of that loss over five years so as to reduce or eliminate their taxes during that time span.

The net operating loss carryforward will be phased in effective with taxable years after Jan. 1, 2017. Other changes to the income tax code include the casual entrant rule going from 12 to 20 days, penalty and interest charges are uniform, and the minimum collection/refund amount going from $5 to $10, according to Holtzapple.

The commission will then hear the third readings and vote on five more ordinances, beginning with two ordinances that will adopt new pay schedules. The first is in regard to non-union employees. This ordinance will allow for a 2 percent increase for non-union employees. The city’s union employees are also going to receive a 2 percent increase for 2016.

The second ordinance discusses the wages of the city’s part-time workers, including lifeguards at the Piqua pool and employees at Echo Hills Golf Course. According to Elaine Barton, human resources director, the changes will create more noticeable steps between the wages of different levels of seasonal and part-time employees. The changes to their wages are to make the Piqua pool a more competitive employer for part-time workers, allowing the city to recruit and retain more lifeguards in particular.

The next ordinance that the commission will hear and vote on will update the city’s employees’ health insurance to reflect the new insurance benefit year. Following that ordinance, the commission will vote on the 2016 Annual Budget, as well as an ordinance declaring the city’s intent to vacate a public right-of-way at an alley located between Main and Wayne streets as it is not being used for public purposes.

On the order of new business, the commission will be considering one emergency ordinance and 16 new resolutions, including:

• An emergency ordinance to make appropriations for the city of Piqua for the year 2015

• A resolution authorizing transfer of cash from the general fund to the other funds for the fiscal year 2015

• A resolution authorizing a transfer of cash from the general fund to the other funds for the fiscal year 2016

• A resolution acquiring the services of American Electric Power to provide professional development training for personnel of the Piqua Power System for 2016

• A resolution authorizing the city manager to apply for city membership to American Municipal Power, Inc.

• A resolution retaining the services of Cooperative Response Center, Inc. to provide professional customer call answering and dispatch services for the Piqua Power System

• A resolution authorizing the city purchasing agent to purchase #2 fuel oil on the open and spot market

• A resolution retaining the services of Sawvel and Associates to provide professional consulting and engineering services for the Piqua Power System

• A resolution authorizing a purchase order to Nelson Tree Service, Incorporated for electric power line clearance

• A resolution acquiring Power System Engineering, Inc. to provide professional services to the city

• A resolution amending the total payment to Sulzer Turbo Services for the required repairs to #9 gas turbine

• A resolution requesting authorization to enter into an agreement with EMH & T for Engineering Design Services

• A resolution authorizing preliminary legislation with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for the programming of an intersection improvement project in the city of Piqua

• A resolution authorizing purchase orders to Chemical Services Inc., Mississippi Lime Company, F2 Industries, Air Products & Chemicals, Water Solutions Unlimited and the city of Dayton for the 2016 purchase of various water treatment chemicals

• A resolution awarding a contract to Pohlkat Inc. in the amount not to exceed $150,000 annually for removal and disposal of lime residual from the City of Piqua Water Plant Lime Lagoon for 2016-2018

• A resolution authorizing the city manager to enter into a Business First! Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement with Montgomery County and member jurisdictions

• A resolution supporting the Fiscal Year 2016 United States Environmental Protection Agency Brownfields Cleanup Grant Program application

The next commission meeting will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 15, at 7:30 p.m. in commission chambers on the second floor of the municipal building, 201 W. Water St.

By Sam Wildow


Reach reporter Sam Wildow at (937) 451-3336 or on Twitter @TheDailyCall

Reach reporter Sam Wildow at (937) 451-3336 or on Twitter @TheDailyCall