Restaurant inspections

Restaurant inspections are performed in the county by Miami County Public Health, except in Piqua, which has its own health department. Miami County Public Health can be reached at (937) 573-3500, by email at or on the website at These inspection reports were provided by Miami County Public Health.

June 11

Cedar Springs Pavilion, 7931 County Road 25A, Tipp City —Approved a commercial Proctor Silex roaster/warmer for use. Let all dishes dry before polishing. Keep fan clean in use.

Randall Residence, 6400 S. County Road 25A, Tipp City — Critical violation at time of inspection: observed ham, roast beef, salami and cut tomatoes in food prep refrigerator without any date marking. All temperature-controlled substance, ready-to-eat foods must be dated to limit germ growth. Critical violation at time of inspection: Observed an open package of hot dogs with date of June 2. Observed cooked meats in walk-in past seven date. Pork meat was marked at June 2, pork cutlets June 1, and beef June 3. TCS, RTE foods must be used within seven days or disposed. Observed food debris in drawers, on walls and front of refrigerators. Clean areas after. Observed a leak from below the wash tank of three-tank sink. Please repair. The hood has grease dripping on inside. Please clean more often to prevent build-up. Critical violation at time of inspection: observed gnats at all sinks and dishwashers in kitchen. Clean all sinks and bleach. Consult pest control company.

Randall Residence Memory, 6400 S. County Road 25A, Tipp City — The old license is posted in the kitchen. Please post new license. Observed gnats under sink at drain in kitchen. Keep drawers cleaned and bleached. Consult pest control company as needed.

Sam and Ethel’s Restaurant, 120 E. Main St., Tipp City — Satisfactory at time of inspection. License issued.

June 15

Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant, 145 Tippecanoe Drive, Tipp City — Observed carry-out bags used for food storage. Use only approved food storage bags. Water condensation is dripping into bucket from cooler condenser, water must be drained in an approved method. Observed TCS foods not date labeled. Date properly and use or discard in seven days to limit bacterial growth. Observed lights on buffet not covered or scatterproof. Replace lights with proper shielding. Felt food residual on handles of equipment. Clean when needed or daily.

Java Style, 105 N. High St., Covington — Food service good at time of inspection.